Don’t Choose Path Of ‘Political Correctness’ Over Historical Honesty
Dear Editor, Rockbridge Weekly:

I was very disappointed to hear that Lexington is considering banning Confederate flags from its streets despite the historical significance of the banner to the town.

Politically correct stances such as this are corroding the very foundation of our nation and creating a divisiveness that has no place in our culture. I am writing as a concerned citizen from a small town in Pennsylvania – Gettysburg to be exact – where we take great pride in our historical past. I am also writing as a “Yankee” who nevertheless understands the rich heritage of the Southern culture and is insulted that there are those who would pick and choose what future generations may know of our nation’s early heroes.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower understood the contributions of Confederate soldiers when he made them equal in status to all other American military personnel in 1958, and certainly the Confederate dead who rest in Arlington are a strong testament to their revered place in our history.

I should think the town of Lexington –and all Americans—would wish to honor our rich heritage rather than listen to a vocal minority. If we bow to political correctness, take down our honored symbols, and give in to the pressures of a political agenda, I cannot help but believe we are unworthy of the heroism of all our ancestors who fought and died for freedoms in this country.

As a lover of history and a frequent visitor to your town, I feel I must stand with those who wish to protect their cherished heritage. Regretfully, Lexington will never see another one of my “greenbacks” if it chooses the path of political correctness over historical honesty.

Most sincerely,

Jessica James
Gettysburg, Pa.