Saturday, October 31, 2009

Doing away with those British Anglos

Is this true? Has a British official come right out and said it? Will a brave American official soon follow suit concerning the goals of U.S. immigration policies?

Of course, the Brit is already backtracking and claiming he didn’t really mean what he said, but that’s to be expected in this climate of cowardice and fear in which most people live. Here is the initial story from England’s Daily Mail, in which Andrew Neather, a speech writer for former Prime Minister Tony Blair, reveals that immigration policy was driven, not only by the desire to acquire cheap labor, but to "engineer a more multicultural Britain," that is, to "rub the Right’s nose in diversity." Or, in other words, to ultimately do away with British culture.

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Writing in the Evening Standard, Mr Neather revealed the ‘major shift’ in immigration policy came after the publication of a policy paper from the Performance and Innovation Unit, a Downing Street think tank based in the Cabinet Office. The published version promoted the labour-market case for immigration but Mr Neather said unpublished versions contained additional reasons.

‘Earlier drafts I saw also included a driving political purpose: that mass immigration was the way that the Government was going to make the UK truly multicultural. I remember coming away from some discussions with the clear sense that the policy was intended – even if this wasn’t its main purpose – to rub the Right’s nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date.’

The ‘deliberate policy’, from late 2000 until ‘at least February last year’, when the new points-based system was introduced, was to open up the UK to mass migration, he said. Mr Neather defended the policy, saying mass immigration has ‘enriched’ Britain and made London a more attractive and cosmopolitan place.

Sir Andrew Green, chairman of the Migrationwatch think tank, said: ‘Now at least the truth is out, and it’s dynamite. Many have long suspected that mass immigration under Labour was not just a cock-up but a conspiracy. They were right. ‘This Government has admitted three million immigrants for cynical political reasons concealed by dodgy economic camouflage.’

The chairmen of the cross-party Group for Balanced Migration, MPs Frank Field and Nicholas Soames, said: ‘We welcome this statement which the whole country knows to be true. ‘It is the first beam of truth that has officially been shone on the immigration issue in Britain.’

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