From: reikidi@bellsouth.net

Thank you for posting the article about the playing of Dixie.  

I am a native Southerner and that little song was such an important part of my life.  A feeling of intense pride in all things “Southern” that were so near to me and so very dear to me rose up in my heart each and every time I heard Dixie playing.  It saddens me to know that it is being banned from High School football games and all other public events.  I am “sick” of special interest groups whining about things that “PROFILE” them.  These days there is hardly anything left that is sacred, but Dixie is one of those special things.  Maybe it is not too late to bring it back again.  I know that all my Southern brothers and sisters agree with me.

Thank you for having the backbone to stand up and be counted for what you love and believe in.

Diana Abernathy
Acworth, GA