From: Craig Maus <>
Date: Tue, Mar 6, 2012
Subject: RE: DIXIE- The Anthem, her Soldiers & the Flags of the Confederate Country.
To: billy price <>

Dear Brethren (hundreds bcc herein-permission to forward),

You are cordially invited to listen to the many versions of the Southern National Anthem- Dixie. (herein & below)

After listening to Dixie, how would you describe or associate its lyrics with respect to meaning?

Would you say they suggest or convey in any way a message of hate or racial vitriol as ‘others’ claim, or are they simply beautiful, reflecting the calm and beauty of the Southern region?

Do you know that Special Interests within this Country today are preventing DIXIE from being played?

Would you say that such actions only serves to advance a Political agenda of ‘some’ at the expense of all others?

Would that not be a fair statement?

Years ago in Germany they first banned books.

Then they burned them.

Washington suggests ‘tolerance’ and fairness for one and all.

That sounds good but…..what happens when intolerance is used & excused and made legal to JUSTIFY the social progeny of another at the expense of all others?

Then, has NOT the institution one claims to abhor ONLY been advanced and re-created far worse than anything ever before it?

Who then becomes the ‘Policeman’ to make this determination?

Those that have been elected who have benefitted from such Hegemony earlier on?

Where is the truth or the entity being charged, ever to stand a chance for Vindication when anything & everything becomes Guilty until proven Innocent?

Wasn’t that the way Emperor Napoleon adjudicated his fiefdom and is NOT that what we were NOT supposed to ever emulate?

It’s lyrics portray and reflect a land, a time, and a people whose country abounded in beauty and culture….and whose people simply minded their business and didn’t stick their noses where they didn’t belong?

EQUALLY, then why do some continue to build upon that Holocaust (Civil War) they created & brought about by continuing to depict the Southern People, their culture, heritage and music as nothing more than that associated with a ‘Lost Cause’ associated with miss-guided Creighton’s?

Does it NOT advance and allow for continued plagiarism of everything Southern and Confederate that results in ELIMINATION that only makes it easier for any who have a far greater mantle of insidious gain to be achieved?

What has World History shown us when one conquers another and her people- ALL that ever existed is eradicated and replaced with the Conquerors culture in order for the Conqueror NEVER to be again challenged by those with whom he has vanquished.

And thus, submission and the ultimate loss of anyone and every-thing once associated with the former.

Of course, America was somewhat different for it was the same people but People with TWO entirely different Political Ideologies.

One had to go so how would the Conqueror ‘spin this’ one to the satisfaction of one People?

Ah yes, let’s try the Knight in Shining White Armor spin coming to save a suppressed Black Man.

Funny thing about that LIE- Lincoln didn’t issue his Phony (as HK Edgerton, a black man calls it) ‘Emancipation Proclamation until 1863….but that was TWO YEARS INTO THE WAR!


That question has been answered by us numerous times but, like Dixie, it is being prevented from being heard!

If Dixie is so bad, then why are so MANY fleeing their Northern Cities to find sanctuary today in the South?

Could it be because all they have known has been destroyed & compromised by the same Politicians who, like their Federal Masters, have copied, emulated and instituted the same failed practices of Washington, DC resulting in this mass exodus from their States? 

I contend that these folks are NOT running away as much as they are running back to- that which they so desperately want again- Character, Independence and Freedom….and they know that DIXIE still clings to these virtues that Washington and their minions of Special Interests so long ago targeted for destruction… ALL Conquerors of false pretense do.

Someone once asked me long ago why I was so taken aback and angry when I saw several of Washington’s minions burning a Confederate Flag?

I said to him this: “Well Sir, here’s how I see it- NO matter what you may think of that Flag, you’re allowing others to burn before you OUR American History and what is going up in flames is ALL that we once were for the sake of a condition that has been created to placate but a chosen few.  How utterly sad is that? What comes next, the books….or the songs and music associated with something that we have been made ignorant of?  

That was back in the 90’s and I dare say- has it NOT all come to pass?

“The Cause for which we Fought is one day bound to re-assert itself.”- President Jefferson Davis

In the end, the American People will be forced to decide once and for all this: Will you stay with the ways things are, OR, fight for what you were once given?

That question will need to be answered sooner or later, and one way or another.

Washington will NOT change NO matter how much you wish it so.

It’s foundation is beyond any hope of repair, having been cast in a sea of corruption and deceit that has stolen the identity of this country via an on-going debasement of its citizenry wrapped in an enigma of such profound disillusionment that has seen its Political, Economic and Social/Cultural base transformed & compromised away for money, power & individual station.

What now stands in Washington, DC is NO longer a Nation’s capital, but the optimum creation resulting from such Political Malfeasance associated with that same Babylon of Old that is just as cursed as was the original.

It will not stand folks.

God has His way & of dealing with ‘Foundations’ who have been built upon Usurpation….particularly when His People won’t!

When the Confederate Republic lost, so TOO did TWO Countries, but Only WE Confederates Knew it at the Time!

Craig Maus,
President, The Confederate Society of America and,
Proud Member of The Confederate Alliance of Independent Organizations.
Staunch Supporters Endorsing the Full Restoration of that Confederate Republic whose Government Never Surrendered.

‘We Don’t Have to Re-Secede- We Have Already Done that- and Remain a Country under Occupation’

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(Thanks Billy for forwarding- God Bless our Confederate Brother)

God Help us All!


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