Commentary by Billy Bearden

This past Sunday, we witnessed yet another brutal assassination in the war against everything Southern, what we below the Mason-Dixon line traditionally call our cultural Heritage. It was the last ever running of the NASCAR Southern 500.

NASCAR, of course, was born in the back woods and hills of Georgia, but since NASCAR has teamed up with the shakedown artist, Je$$e Jack$on, NASCAR must now deny their roots and forget their Southern fans. Everyone has heard about NASCAR’s efforts to ban Confederate flags from viewing stands and the infields, bogus stunts such as "flag trade-ins" and efforts to appease Je$$e Jack$son by "diversifying" the drivers and race teams.

The University of Mississippi "Ole Miss" Rebels have had their ‘Colonel’ mascot removed. There are talks at the State University of West Georgia to change the Braves mascot to appease NCAA thought-police. The NCAA Div. III Dixie Conference of southeast Virginia and northeast North Carolina had to alter its 40-year-old name last year thanks to "P.C." The University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee, is under PC pressure to change its 130+ year-old name to something more yankee friendly. Vanderbilt University changed the name of "Confederate Hall," built with money from the United Daughters of the Confederacy, to appease P.C. forces. Litigation continues on that one. The NCAA continues its extortion against States with Confederate symbols in their state flags or on their capitol grounds and against universities with mascots or team names they find potentially "offensive."

Ashby Street in Atlanta was changed to Lowery Blvd. in 2001. The road was previously named to honor Brigadier General Turner Ashby, who while leading a charge into battle, including Georgians, said "Forward my brave men!" and was then shot dead. Atlanta city council changed the name in violation of Georgia Law (O.C.G.A 50-3-1 ) which is supposed to prevent the altering of memorials to any military service. Also in violation of the same law, one of three Confederate flags were removed from a memorial in Augusta Georgia by Augusta Mullah-Mayor Bob Young in September 2004 thanks to the demands from the South Carolina NAACP.

The statue of Jefferson Davis in New Orleans was vandalized in 2003. Some of the statues on Monument Avenue in Richmond Virgina were vandalized just before Confederate Memorial Day this year. The UDC offered a reward. An Obliesk in White Point Gardens in Charleston, S.C., was defaced immediately following the burial of the eight Confederate Sailors of the Submarine Hunley in April. This past week, monuments in Chickamauga were defaced and vandalized just prior to Veterans Day.

Coca-Cola no longer uses southern imagery in its advertisements, like a 1940’s Life magazine ad during World War II showing General Stonewall Jackson resting his troops for "The Pause that Refreshes" nor do they even credit Coke’s inventor, Dr John Pemberton, with being a Colonel in the Confederate Cavalry, he is just mentioned as a ‘civil war veteran.’ BellSouth refuses to allow advertisements with images of Southern flags or icons. And numerous Georgia-based businesses like Coke and Home Depot gave thousands of dollars to the legislators who voted for the state flag change in 2001 (from the ’56 flag specifically designed to honor Georgia’s veterans to the flag known as "the ugliest flag in North America.")

The 1956 Georgia flag was stolen by radical zealots in 2001, led by King Rat Roy Barnes, all predicated on a mountain of lies about the ’56 flag and its adoption. These same radicals, minus a rat or two, mad that the ugly blue Barnes’ Legacy flag only lasted about 110 weeks, attempted to pass HB 899 in 2003, which would have meant the removal of the Memorial Carving on Stone Mountain. The radical Georgia Democrats, with their anti-Southern fanaticism are just as evil as Afghanistan’s Taliban. Why? Remember the Taliban didn’t want the centuries old statues of Buddahs, so they blasted them down in 2001.

Former Presidential candidate Dick Gephardt demanded the removal of Confederate flags in the only two Confederate graveyards in Missouri. A federal judge banned the flying of a Confederate flag over Confederate graves in the Union run Confederate Prisoner of War camp in Maryland – Point Lookout. Numerous school systems illegally forbid students from wearing anything Confederate to class (school banning) in violation of the Constitution’s First Amendment, Supreme Court 1969 ruling in Tinker, 6th Circuit 2001 ruling in Castorina, and 4th Circuit 2003 ruling in Newsom.

This list doesn’t begin to be all-inclusive but rather is a short list from the top of my head. These attacks are epidemic. Beginning in 1991 with the NAACP issuing their demand that the Confederate Flag be removed from the South Carolina Statehouse Dome with a press release calling the flag "…An odious blight on the universe" and, after accomplishing that, they complained bitterly when it was moved to a memorial elsewhere on the capitol grounds. The NAACP reneged on their promise to end the economic boycott if the flag were removed from the Capitol dome. Since tourism dollars are up in South Carolina, I’m sure the S.C. Chamber types hope the NAACP boycott goes on indefinitely.

The NAACP and their attack dogs now routinely equate Honorable men like General Robert E. Lee with German dictator Adolf Hitler. Atlanta Mayor Maynard Jackson is credited with first coining the phrase "Confederate swastika" and hate-filled racists like Julian Bond and Al Sharpton have been parroting the phrase ever since to refer to Confederate Battle flags. The most recent presidential campaign brought forth more vitriol against Southern symbols from the likes of Howard Dean, John Edwards and Al Sharpton.

Relentlessly they continue, and what began as an outcry against one flag in one place has turned into the ethnic cleansing of Dixie.

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