Dixie Resources

Good Old Rebel
Defending our Southern Heritage and Celebrating Confederate History

Confederate Colonel
The new life of the Old South.

Point Lookout POW Descendants Organization

The Real Abe Lincoln

The 37th Texas Cavalry
"The most prestigious war site on the internet today."

Southern Legal Resource Center
Attorneys fighting for Southern Preservation.

Heritage Preservation Association
"Guarding our future by preserving our past." An effective Civil Rights organization for Southern Heritage.

North Carolina Confederate Anti-Hate Foundation
Fighting against the misuse of the Confederate heritage.

"The South And Southern History"
Article containing links where you can order books on such topics as the war, reconstruction, states rights and the real constitution, and state and local history.

  Gator Guides

  Quail Hill Kennel & Supply

  Georgia Heritage Council


  League Of The South

  Southern Heritage News & Views

  Southern Heritage News & Views – Dixie Videos

  Southern Heritage News & Views – Hot Spot

  Dixie Rising

  Fayette SCV

The Confederate Shop

  James City Cavalry

  Robert H. Hatton Camp 723, Sons Of Confederate Veterans, Lebanon, Tennessee

  Texas Legion SCV Camp 2103

  Good Ole Rebel – Defending Our Southern Heritage And Celebrating Confederate History

  Fragile Legacies Of Dixie

  Tuska Homma Kennels – 12th Annual Uncle Earl

  The Southern War Room

  Confederate Digest

  1st Tennessee Rifles Umit

  Southern Thang

  Confederate Soldiers Memorial Park

  Harp Of Dixie

Southern Heritage Advancement Preservation Education

  Pam Warren Clothiers

  Rose Of Sharen Productions

  A Confederate Belle

  The Southern American

Thunder Haven

  Dixieman’s Southern Social Network

  Southern Cause – For And About Southern People

  CSS Neuse Foundation

  SLM News

  Mark Churms – Military History Links To Military Websites!

  Confederate Colonel

  SCV General Jerome B. Robertson Camp #992

  Boggy Country Outdoors

  Brig/General Benjamin G. Humphreys Camp #1625

  Confederate Mercantile

  Confederate American Pride