January, 30, 2006

The Dixie Outfitters flag is now flying over Amherst County, Va. to preserve our Southern heritage!

It also makes it easy for the Lynchburg, Va. residents to find our newest Dixie Outfitters Southern Heritage Store.

This new franchise store is located at 4886 South Amherst Hwy., Madison Heights, Va. and is owned by Dennis and Brenda Beeton.

The store carries a complete line of great Dixie Outfitters products and offers good old fashion service served up with a big doses of Southern heritage history and current events.

The Beeton’s are very active in their community and try to involve all of their neighbors in their efforts to educate folks about the real reasons for the War for Southern Independence and the legacy of honor and valor that our Southern ancestors have bequeathed us. In Mr. Beeton’s words,
" the legendary bravery of our Confederate ancestors must not perish and so Dixie Outfitters is committed to the preservation of those things that we cherish in our hearts"

Dennis Beeton is a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans Garland-Rodes Camp 409. Dennis was recently honored by his camp with the presentation of the General John McCausland Meritorious Service Award. This award was for Mr. Beeton’s many efforts on the behalf of camp and his donation of time and money to the Packet Boat Marshall preservation effort that is now underway by the Lynchburg Historical Foundation. The Packet Boat Marshall’s maiden voyage was on August 12, 1861. The boat is 90′ long and 14′ wide at the beam with creasoted wood rib frames on 12 inch centers inside a hand formed iron hull that is 3/16 inches thick. The Packet Boat Marshall had the distinction of carrying the coffin of General Stonewall Jackson to his final resting place in Lexington, Va. on May 13, 1863.

Dennis, Brenda and the new Dixie Outfitters Southern Heritage Store is making a big impact in the Lynchburg, Va. area. The Song "Dixie" is once again being heard by local residents on a daily basis! This "song of the South" is the background music featured in all of the radio advertisements by the Beeton’s as they alert the population of the greater Lynchburg area that their new Dixie Outfitters Southern Heritage Store is open and ready for business.

Their many other activities include cosponsoring a concert with SCV Garland-Rodes Camp #409 the on February 1, 2006 with headliner Gretchen Wilson and a cast of other famous country artists. In addition, they are actively publicizing the arbitrary removal of the Confederate Battle Flag from the Amherst County seal by the Amherst County Board of Supervisors and will call for an investigation into this act by the appropriate authority’s in the near future. The Sons of Confederate Veterans has started a petition to have the Confederate Flag returned to the Amherst County Seal. The Dixie Outfitters Store has solicited over 500 signatures from Amherst County residents to return the Confederate Flag to the County Seal.

SCV Camp Commander Tom Blanks of the Garland-Rodes Camp of Lynchburg has provided every support possible to the Dixie Outfitters operation. Commander Blanks is also on the committee to raise funds for the preservation of the Packet Boat Marshall.

This new Dixie Outfitters Southern Heritage Store in Madison Heights, Va. is a great representation of the dedication and commitment that Dixie Outfitters has to our Southland. Dixie Outfitters has opened six franchise stores in the last year and plans to open several more in 2006.