June 6, 2006
Mechanicsville, Virginia

Dixie Days Southern Heritage Festival is proud to announce that there will be a press conference beginning at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, June 10 at the Events Tent featuring well known black Confederate advocate H.K. Edgerton.

Mr. Edgerton has gained national attention for his vigorous advocacy of Confederate and Southern heritage issues. He has gained near celebrity status for his Walk Across Dixie and frequent television appearances. He is scheduled to appear on an upcoming Hannity and Colmes program. A former NAACP Chairman in Asheville, North Carolina, Mr. Edgerton has confounded his critics and defied political correctness at every turn.

Mr. Edgerton is in full agreement with Richmond Mayor Douglas Wilder who was quoted in Sunday’s Richmond Times Dispatch as stating "the myth that goes about is that slavery was a Southern problem," he said, noting that Northern states also participated in the trade of humans. "It is an American problem. It is a national concern." Mr. Edgerton is a huge supporter of accurate history in schools and has also been involved in a number of First Amendment issues regarding Southern schoolchildren through his position with the Southern Legal Resource Center in Black Mountain, North Carolina.

Dixie Days is Hanover County’s premier heritage festival. It will be held at the Pole Green Park on June 10-11.