Sunday, October 27, 2013

Disturbing Flagger Obsession

Folks, what we have below is a list compiled from the results of searches done at Brooks D. Simpson’s Crossroads blog. The searches were done with the search function provided on his blog, and with Google.

The search term used was "flaggers."

The searches identified 97 posts occurring between December 29, 2011 and October 26, 2013. There were many more mentions of the Flaggers, or use of the word "flagger," in the comment threads at Crossroads, but neither search engine searched the comments.

If you were to go back through and read these posts, you would find innuendo, slime, outright lies and yes, hatred — not to mention contradictions (why is he still carping about Susan’s "silence" when he purported to explain it weeks ago?) and general unbalance…  All quite disturbing….

The question is … why?  Anybody want to offer any explanations for Simpson’s obsession (and that of his peanut gallery)? For his pathological lies, his pretending to know people he has never met — know their motives, their thoughts, their feelings? Any idea where such megalomaniacal behavior originates? And why?

97 "flagger" posts at Crossroads blog between December 29, 2011 and October 26, 2013 — 36 posted before the I-95 flag announcement, 61 after…

    2011        2 POSTS

    12/29  Who Supports “Flagging” the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts?
    12/29  Stirring the Pot

    2012        22 POSTS

    1/4   News on Southern Heritage
    1/15 The Lexington Controversy Considered
    3/18 Museums, History, Politics, and "Heritage"
    3/22 News and Notes March 22
    3/24 News and Notes March 24
    3/25 Deconstructing Confederate Heritage
    3/27 News and Notes March 27
    3/30 Be On Your Best Behavior
    3/31 Manufactured Outrage
    4/11 Flagging the Lincoln Memorial
    4/16 Support for Southern Separatism
    4/22 Once More…It’s Not About You…Or Me
    5/27 And So What
    6/6  News and Notes, June 6
    6/13 News and Notes, June 13
    6/15 A Setback for Certain People
    7/23 Is Connie Chastain a Rainbow Confederate?
    8/3  Karen Cooper Speaks Out
    8/6  The Racist Confederate Flag Case
    10/14 Edgerton’s March
    10/18 Risky Business at the Southern Heritage Preservation Group
    10/16 The Rise of Ulysses S. Grant

    2013       73 POSTS

    1/14  And the Law Won
    2/28  Confederate Marksmanship
    2/2   News and Notes, February 2
    2/7   Memphis: In the Footsteps of Lexington?
    3/30  An Expression of Total Indifference
    4/19  News and Notes April 19
    5/12  Unanswered Questions About Taser-Wielding Rob Walker on Monument Avenue
    5/13  The Richmond Police Weigh In on Taser-Wielding Rob Walker
    5/13  Rob Walker: At the Center of Controversy
    5/14  Better Late Than Never; Susan Hathaway Apologizes
    5/14  Turn Out the Lights
    8/3   A Fitting Tribute to the SHPG

    (Note: 61 of the 73 posts in 2013 occur after this one announcing the I-95 Flag)

    8/4  Another Really Big Confederate Flag
    8/6  Popular Response: The Virginia Flaggers and Their (Proposed) New Flag
    8/7  The Flaggers Explain Their Reasoning For Their Big Flag
    8/8  Flags and Billboards Along I-95 South of Richmond
    8/9  The Gift That Keeps On Giving Strikes Again
    8/11 Update on Virginia Flagger Follies
    8/13 The Underbelly of Flagger Support
    8/16 Tripp Lewis Fulfills His Community Service Obligations
    8/18 Have the Virginia Flaggers Overreached?
    8/19 Flagger PR Needs Work
    8/21 The Fantasy World of Flagger Supporters
    8/21 Happy Birthday Rob Walker
    8/22 The Flagger Imagination
    8/23 Flags Across Virginia
    8/24 Connie Chastain Is Right
    8/25 The Flagger Proposal Disrupting and Disrespecting the Confederate Dead
    8/27 Flagger Hysteria Neither Heritage Nor History
    8/28 Another Troubling Flagger Link
    8/31 Matthew Heimbach and the Virginia Flaggers
    8/31 The Flaggers Fall Silent
    9/1  Is This How Flaggers Support Heritage?
    9/1  You Know How the Story Goes
    9/2  A Weak Non-denial Denial from the Flaggers
    9/2  A Reasonable Proposition
    9/3  Meet Matthew Heimbach, Virginia Flagger
    9/5  Happy Birthday, Virginia Flaggers                    (26)
    9/6  To Be or Not To Be, Connie Chastain and the Virginia Flaggers
    9/7  The silence and Disappearance of Susan Hathatway of the Virginia Flaggers
    9/7  You Must Be Kidding
    9/7  Are the Flaggers Their Own Worst Enemy?
    9/7  Let’s Make a Deal
    9/8  Susan Hathaway’s Silence Explained
    9/10 Flaggers Free Speech and Frustration
    9/13 Guess Who’s Been Invited to the Flaggers Picnic? Matthew Heimbach
    9/14 The Flaggers Resort to Intimidation, How Desperate Are They?
    9/14 Who’s Friends with Matthew Heimbach? Flaggers Grayson Jennings and Tripp Lewis
    9/15 A Flagger Explains American History
    9/15 Which Do You Prefer?
    9/17 What’s Next for the Virginia Flaggers?
    9/18 Notes from the Black Confederate Front
    9/18 Ten Days to Go
    9/20 The Flaggers Follow My Advice
    9/21 Just One More Week
    9/22 The Sunday Question; What Would YOu Build In Confederate Heritage Disneyland?
    9/28 All That Fuss For This
    9/28 Meanwhile, Elsewhere in Richmond
    9/28 The Flaggers’ Big Moment in Historical and Hysterical Perspective
    9/28 Lessons in Photography
    9/29 A Day Almost Like Any Other
    9/29 The Humiliation of Heritage, The Flaggers’ Big Fail
    10/1 The Klan at Gettysburg 2013 Or Not
    10/3 Photoshopping Flagger Fantasies
    10/4 Flagger Fizzle Fallout
    10/5 How to Handle the Press and Protestors the Confederate Heritage Way
    10/6 The Southern Heritage Preservation Group Strikes Back
    10/6 Birds of a Feather Flag Together
    10/7 Fiction and Fact About the Flaggers
    10/9 News and Notes October 8, 2013
    10/10 Oops, the Flaggers Did It Again
    10/13 Connie Chastain, Bigot
    10/26 The Virginia Flaggers Crash a VMFA Event.

Have at it, folks. I look forward to your comments about this.

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