Dissolve the political bands

President George W. Bush has successfully created the Patriot Act, an act which has removed our constitutional right to protection against illegal search. The Supreme Court of the United States has removed our constitutional protection against illegal seizure. Congress is providing nothing more than lip service on these issues and – in the end – will do nothing.

It has become obvious to me that all three branches of the federal government no longer exist to serve America or Americans. The Declaration of Independence says, in part: "When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another …"

I now believe that "one people" can be described as Americans in their respective states, and that "another" can describe the federal government, a political entity which no longer serves or protects the people who created it. It is time to revisit the Declaration of Independence and act accordingly by removing the bands that have connected us all to this federal entity that has lost its way.

R.E. Mustaine

Civil war

The recent Supreme Court ruling that, in essence, deprives Americans of the right to retain their property in the face of big business, shows that we need a third party to protect the rights of ordinary people. The Democrats and the Republicans no longer listen to nor represent taxpayers, and are more than willing to trample the Bill of Rights for campaign funds.

If we, the people, fail to find a peaceful way to change the government, the only other option I see is civil war. I am not willing to surrender my property to private business interests and any attempt to take my property will be met with the appropriate force.