Dissertation Help
From: K. Steven Monk
Thought I would pass this along to y’all in case there’s any of you who might want to volunteer a few minutes of your time to helping this ole chap.

Dedicated to Americans who are proud of their Confederate heritage

From: gs388@cam.ac.uk
To: ConfederateSon1949@yahoo.com
Hi there,
My name is Greg Styger, and I am currently a second year geographer at the University of Cambridge in Britain. Part of my course for my final year involves researching and writing a unique dissertation piece, and my topic of choice involves looking at civil war monuments in various parts of the United States.
I was therefore wondering if yourself or a few others within your society would be willing to be interviewed on the topic of civil war monuments during the summer? Questions would likely involve opinions on the planning processes behind, the need for, the current status of and future of civil war monuments in the United States, and all interviews should be less than forty five minutes.
I would be traveling through the South between the 18th and 25th September. Any help or other suggestions about who to contact would be greatly appreciated. Please reply to me on this email: gs388@cam.ac.uk
Best wishes,
Greg Styger