Displaying the Confederate Flag
From: csanews@i-1.net
There are those who have asked ‘should Confederates display our Confederate Flags on this Memorial Day’, which is an excellent question?  The answer is a definite yes!  There are many ways to properly display our National Flag for example; atop a flag pole or hanging horizontal from your porch.  If the flag is hanging horizontal, remember the canton should appear on the viewer’s top left corner.
In hanging the flag parallel from your porch, this can be done by stretching a cloths line or a wire between two porch uprights!  These alternate ways are useful to those who do not have a proper flag pole, and there is still two other inexpensive ways, you can build your own flag pole out of a pvc or galvanized pipe with a rounded cap on the upper end, drill holds in the top and about chest high, place an eye bolt through these two holes, then string your rope, which will support the flag.
You can buy the hooks in many hard or home self-repair stores, which attach to each end of the flag pole lanyard, then hooks to the upper and lower end of the flag, string the rope through the hooks you have purchased, overlap them and fix them in place with small strong wire.  The last suggestion involves placing an inexpensive flag bracket on the side of the house, shed or garage, then using a home made pole about six or seven feet long.  However you do it, display our honored banners often and proudly!
Thomas E. Guinn
Confederate Legion