"Dismantling The Republic"
From: txbrew@att.net
Digital copies of "Dismantling The Republic" have been sent to members of the Oklahoma House of Representatives and Oklahoma Senate. Additionally, 79 copies have gone to Mississippi State Representatives and 40 copies to Mississippi State Senators, as well as 120 members of the Georgia State House of Representatives. Each message contained this message:

"Attached is a digital copy of my book, Dismantling The Republic, which delineates the causes of our present national distress, including the loss of our God-given liberties. State legislators like you are our last best hope of restoring and reclaiming our sovereignty. Please take time to consider the things written in the book.
Sincerely Yours,
Jerry C. Brewer"
Urge your state legislators to read this book. It may open the eyes of some of them.
I plan to send it to legislators in all of our Southern States. Sending it to Yankees would be casting pearls before swine.
Jerry C. Brewer
Re: Free Ebooks
From: txbrew@att.net
One person had trouble understanding how to obtain the book, so I have redone the announcement to include the coupon code.
Jerry Brewer
Until March 20 folks can download my ebook, "Dismantling The Republic," for FREE at this URL: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/126248
The download information is on the right side of the page. The price is listed, but there is a coupon code to enter at checkout which will allow you to obtain the book free of charge. Simply hit "buy" on the right side of the page and another page will pop up with a space for the coupon code. Type in this code: VE37X. It is not case sensitive. This will allow you to obtain the book free of charge.
Pass this information on to others and download your free ebook today.
This book has been sent to 640 State Legislators in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas and I plan on sending it to many more. Only the States can reclaim and restore our sovereignty and it is vital that State Legislators have this information. Until the States act, Washington will continue to destroy every last vestige of State Sovereignty.