The Confederate Battle Flag and the Morons that dislike it for the wrong reasons

Monday – June 2, 2014

The Confederate Battle Flag, a beautiful Red, White and Blue flag with 13 stars, and a flag that flew only for a few short years while the Confederate States of America, army was in the field defending the Southern states against military actions.

This flag was not created to support slavery, nor was it created to symbolize or support the Nazis, nor was it created to symbolize or support the KKK, ,nor was it created to symbolize or support any group, or anyone, other than the Confederate States Army and the Confederate States Government, during the 1861 thru 1865 war for to stop Southern Independence, brought on by Abraham Lincoln, BECAUSE HE AND HIS SUPPORTERS AND ADVISERS KNEW, THAT  IT WOULD CAUSE FINANCIAL LOSS THEY WOULD NOT PERMIT THIS LOSS, AND INVADED THE SOUTH TO PREVENT IT.

Now, before we jump the track and derail, these comments are not for the purpose of debating the size, shape, date of origination, variations of this flag, and so on, sometimes called the Battle Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia, no, we can all agree that most Americans consider it a symbol of the Confederacy, and this is where the lie, errors, distortion, mistakes and so on begin.

If you fly this flag you will; do it for whatever reason you state , for me, my overall reason is this,.

I have 10 documented ancestors who served in the Confederate army, and more that I have not investigated yet, who served in several Confederate Regiments from Virginia, 18th.,  21st.,  44th.,  59th., and the 3rd. Virginia Reserves of Infantry. Several died, were wounded and lived, were put in Fort Delaware  Prison, Point Lookout Prison and suffered greatly. Their families at home also suffered greatly. I fly my flag to honor their service to Virginia and the Southern states and the Southern people that were attacked.

I also fly my American flag, this is to honor America and all who fought for our freedoms, that are today being erased and trashed by the Liberals, the democrats who will do anything to buy votes, and all those that despise America and want it demolished.

I Love the good about America and Americans, I detest the evil democrats and others who lie and harm this nation. The leading person on my list of evil is Barrack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Joe Biden, Eric Holder, Valerie Jaratt and all the democrats and liberals in congress and in the U.S. Government who lie, cheat, steal, and fail to do their duty in a competent and honest manner

Now, all of these things are connected, yes, in 2014, the liberals, the liars, the evil ones, Lincoln, Stanton, Grant, Sherman, Sheridan, Hunter, Meigs, and many , many others have blood on their hands for the men women and children they caused to suffer and to die, will or have been dealt with by God. This also ties back to the removal of the Confederate Battle Flag from the front of the Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond by the Liberals in charge. Think about is, THE MUSEUM OF THE CONFEDERACY, and the evil one told about in the bible has inspired the liberals who now lead the museum to remove that flag. Same thing again when we talk about the Confederate Chapel, a small little building, that quietly sits back behind the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, bothering NO ONE. but here again, the evil one has so many lost liberals, godless men and women to use, and he does, and they removed the Confederate Battle flags from the front of the Chapel where they flew for many years. THIS IS WRONG, THEIR REASONS FOR DOING THIS IS FALSE.

Yes, we have a war between Good and evil, light and darkness, and I am sorry to report that their are far more evil ones than good ones in America and across the world, we are again heavily outnumbered just as the Confederate Army was. So what do we do.??

Object, fight back in an honorable honest way, raise bigger, taller flags on private property where we have control, such as the 30 ft. X 20′, 83 foot tall flag pole along I-95 North bound just past Fredericksburg, Va. where a million plus will pass by it and see it each year, FAR AND AWAY MORE PEOPLE THAN WHO WOULD HAVE SEEN THE FLAGS ON THE CONFEDERATE CHAPEL. So, we now have (2) Large flags flying to replace the (3) small ones at the VMFA and the MOC, so our net gain in viewers is just incredibly enhanced. Yes, this is one good example of a wrong that is being done, while I am technically not a member of the flaggers, I am 110 % aligned and support them, and will gladly be a member when I am told I can write and or say what I wish, as I will do so as long as I breathe. Those who want to erase what the Northern Yankee army and Lincoln government did, the barbaric acts against the Southern civilians, the murders, the arson, the looting, the rape, will never be able to erase these facts, and no matter how much political correct efforts they try, we will win the battle of truth, we have it, they only have lies.

PS” Check out the history of the phrase ( Poitical Correct ) then learn that the Marxist, communists in Russia started this all,and evil, stupid Morons in America use it in our fortune 500 corporations and our government, shame on these evil bastards for being so ignorant, as they know not what they do.

What a Beautiful site, more flags being planned, God is Good, perverts, Yankees, democrats, Liberals are bad.

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