Dishonorable cause
I am writing in response to the June 3 letter writer who took Marc Murphy to task for his cartoon relating to the Confederate battle flag on Kentucky license plates. The letter writer seems confused as to the basis of the Civil War for those in the Confederacy.

The Courier-Journal would do a great service to its readers to print the Mississippi Declaration of Secession verbatim, as it clearly lays out the reasons for secession (if not, it’s easy enough to find on the Internet). Its breathtaking honesty reveals that these people chose secession over abolition. Simply put, they loved the “institution” of slavery more than they loved the United States of America.
As a Kentuckian, descended directly from one of the original inhabitants of Boonesborough who came here in 1795, I find no “glory” in this position, nothing to honor or praise. I love the South and I love Kentucky, but I do not consider the Confederacy part of our “glorious history.”
In fact, far more Kentuckians fought for the Union than fought for the Confederacy. They were patriots of the United States of America.

I have no doubt that local “conservative” politicians will use this issue to appeal to their “base.” They will undoubtedly succeed in getting this battle flag on some license plates. But let’s at least get the history straight.  The “lost cause” was a dishonorable one, fought for dishonorable reasons. Now, let’s all move on …