Discrediting and Disgracing Dixie

From: pamba1@aol.com
To: jmurray@thebulletin.us


EXCELLENT article!!!!!! This says it all. I do hope folks open their eyes as to what is taking place…right now….under our very noses, by our leaders and politicians.

I understand the Minute Man monument is being attacked in Boston because he is "Anglo" and the Celtic Cross is perceived by these same folks as a form of "white supremacy." Our forefather’s and president’s have already had their images sullied by these ne’er do wells. What’s next…??? Will we be arrested for uttering the word "Dixie" or "Confederate?" Heaven help me, I still use "Dixie Crystals" sugar and every now then I purchase a "Southern Living Magazine!"

Attacking the South and the Confederacy has always been justified by those who find personal gain in doing so. Just ask Je$$e, Al, Obama, Dees and now Hillary! Just wait until these same individuals want to remove the Liberty Bell …… they will find a reason, wait and see.

Pam Steele
Tampa, Fl.

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