By Chris Lewis
Jupiter High School, Junior
April 28, 2004

As of March 29, any insignias of symbols of the Confederate flag have been banned from Jupiter High School.

Many people take offense to the Confederate flag, but why?

The Confederate flag does not represent slavery, as much as certain people would like you to believe. In fact, remember that the Union flag flew over many ships bringing slaves to this country and it also flew over slave states for more than 80 years.

The Confederate flag today, and in the past, represents the seceding of the southern states from the United States. The reasons why the South wanted to secede were because they did no want high taxation and they were not very happy with the present government.

Recently, a letter from Dr. Lynne McGee, Jupiter High’s principal, to all JHS students, claims that the displaying of the Confederate flag is considered an "article of disruption."

To me, cell phones and calculators with games are more of a disruption, not a shirt displaying a Confederate flag insignia. The amazing thing is that no fights or brawls have broken out a school, between any two or more groups over this issue, so why is this such an issue with McGee?

If McGee, on behalf of the school, is going to ban the Confederate flag, shouldn’t she be banning any and all other flags displayed at school, other than the American flag? To ban the Confederate flag is to persecute and discriminate Southerners who have pride in the South’s colorful history.

The only disruption that has been caused by this "situation" imposed by McGee is the actual banning of the Confederate flag. The attention of the students has been torn away from enhancing their education, to this controversy. The First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States sets forth that any person should have freedom of speech,, but what about us "Southern People."

Shouldn’t we have the same rights as anyone else?

This is not a hate crime, as McGee is leading the student body to believe, this is a heritage that apparently McGee cannot comprehend.

Principal McGee should look closer at the student body. There’s no need be so concerned as to how you’re the student body ids going to react.

I, as well as my fellow "Southerners," have a great appreciation for the school, faculty, and all of the students. I’m proud to be a Southerner and a Jupiter High student.

If you have comments on the issue above, we urge you to contact the people below:
Dr. Lynne McGee, Prinicipal
This email address is shared by Board Members Monroe Benaim, M.D.,; Mr. Bill Graham; Dr. Sandra Richmond; Mr. Mark Hansen; Debra Robinson, M.D.,; Mrs. Paulette Burdick; and Mr. Tom Lynch. If you are sending an individual email to one of the Board members, please specify the name.