From: area51news@rock.com
I have come across some interesting documentation of a man from Mathews NC (Charlotte NC) that was a brother of a man that was in the gold mine business at that time. The Yankees had the wrong brother, and drowned him in Fishing Creek, attempting to find the location of the gold, and this much has indeed been verified by the author of a book on the Belk family, the same family that developed the Belk department stores – limited only to the South because they hated Yankees, as well as Lincoln.
This family, and other businessmen of the area, then all contributed to hire an assassin to kill President Lincoln. The man hired to do the deed was John Wilks Booth.  After the assimilation the family story is that Booth then fled to Florida, boarded a ship, and escaped and lived in Jamaica till his natural death, while the man thought to be the assassin and killed by Yankees – was the wrong man.
Some basic research of JW Booth reveals he was a very intelligent man in high social circles. It is my belief that additionally, he was far too intelligent to assassinate Lincoln with no real escape plan other than trying to get away on horseback with no real plan to escape.
If anyone should have any information regarding JW Booth escaping and living in South America or Jamaica and living there till dying a natural death, please write Charles Parks atarea51news@rock.com

Charles Parks, CSA