Dear Dr. McNeel,

This morning my heart is overflowing with thanks to you in the behalf of your students and your community.

Thank you so much for over ruling Byron Jones and his bigoted policies.

In the past few days I have received many calls for help from your community and students . All were deeply concerned, some were distraught, some angry to the point of violence, and others felt helpless and alone. They were all looking for help and answers.

You have provided that help and we are all deeply appreciative.

Thank you for replacing paranoid, ignorant school policy with sensible, educated policy.

Hundreds of thousands of Southern heritage advocates thank you.

And most of all, I know that your students and their parents thank you for restoring their freedom to be proud of their ancestors, their heritage and who they are.

Best Regards,

Dewey Barber
Owner, Dixie Outfitters


UPDATE: Setting the Record Straight,
July 15, 2009
by Dewey W. Barber, Dixie Outfitters

Sensible policy has prevailed at South Caldwell High School and no further problems regarding shirts bearing images of the Confederate battle flag have been brought forth.

We have learned since this incident that Byron Jones, principal at SCHS during this incident, is a true Son of the South. His Confederate ancestors proudly fought for the South in defense of their home and family. Mr. Jones knows the real truth of our Southern heritage.

We have also learned that the overturned SCHS policy that discriminated against our Southern children was not composed by Mr. Jones but was dictated by his superiors.