Further developments at ACHS

From: GeorgiaFlagger@JoiMail.com

Kentucky SCV Adopts Position in Allen Central Mascot Case

Thanks to Dr Hiter of the KyDivSCV for the strong press release!

Hopefully his phone will begin ringing from Eastern Kentuckians!

Ronnie Parsons, ACHS alumni says "Just to let you know, I have not decided to sit this out. As a matter of fact, while everyone was celebrating Christmas (I did too) I took advantage of the holiday down-time to begin creating this website.

I am in constant contact with Connie and I have been hitting the streets talking to everyone that will listen. I promise, they are going to need a bigger place to hold their board meeting or face leaving a lot of people outside the door.

Certainly good news there

The flag removers are all outsiders (surprise!) The man who started it all – Mickey McGuire, a liberal Clintonian democratic lawyer, The AP reporter who is from Tehran Iran – Samira Jafari, The David School BBall Coach and liberal democratic lawyer Ned Pillersdorf, who is from New York, and Rev Louis Coleman who is from Louisville.

I know it ain’t much, cause there still is that boycott issue, plus exact planning and organization has not fully been completed yet, but the sense of urgency is growing, and rightfully so. But at least it looks like quite a few folks in favor of the flag will be at the school board meeting, and the breastworks are going up!

Billy Bearden

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