People who are in favor of bringing down the Confederate Soldier monument love to see their name in the news.

Letter to the Editor
Matthew Joyce
March 01, 2006

Dear Editor,

Has anyone else seen or read about what is going on with the Confederate Soldier statue on the courthouse grounds in downtown Greenville? If not, let me go ahead and sum it up for you. The local NAACP leaders want to take down the memorial, calling it a "relic representing slavery and hatred." I can’t understand why people continue to look at this issue like this. It leads me to draw two conclusions on the issue.

Number 1, the people who are in favor of bringing down this monument are extremely uneducated on our nations Civil War and Slavery. They are apart of the group that read in their schoolbooks that the Civil War was fought solely over the issue of slavery, when in fact it was not. This letter is not solely about the Civil War and Slavery, therefore, I will not go into that. However, I would like to point out that a majority of the Confederate soldiers who so bravely defended their state, did not own slaves. Many of them couldn’t even afford slaves. May I also point out that there are even some accounts of up to 50,000 black soldiers fighting in the Civil War-watch out, this might get some of you-on the Confederate side. Yes people, this is true. Black Confederates fighting against Slavery? Now that doesn’t make much sense now does it. This just goes to show that the Civil War was about more than slavery. Therefore, argument number 1 really has no credibility whatsoever.

Number 2, the people who are in favor of bringing down the monument love to see their name and the name of their organization in the news. This is the case that I believe is the truth. Why is the local NAACP worrying about a stupid statue when they walk out of their own front door on MLK and take a look around at the current problems in West Greenville? We all know about the crime problems in this town, and lets put it this way… It’s not the students of East Carolina committing these crimes upon our colleagues. There are many problems in the City of Greenville, and I think its absolutely ridiculous that city leaders and leaders from the NAACP are involved an attempt to tear down a statue that has been standing for nearly 100 years. These "leaders of the community" need to stop looking in the mirror, and take a look out their front door because this city has major issues and a statue downtown is not one of them.

Basically, my point is, it’s a statue. There is no Confederate Flag flying on the courthouse. There are really no signs of hatred and racism, other than the fact that it’s a Confederate Statue. Correct the real problems in this town, specifically West Greenville, and then worry about statues and such. The NAACP stands for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. How the heck is debating over a statue advancing your people, when three blocks away you have one of the worst gang problems in the State of North Carolina? Get your act together and lets clean up this city!

Matthew Joyce

Junior Industrial Distribution Major

Business/Political Science Minor

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