Greetings to you Commander McCluney and all Mississippi compatriots:       
First of all, thanks for all the Mississippi Division soldiers.  We have led and continue to lead the fight against Compass Intervention Center (Memphis TN).  The battle finally opens @ 9.00am, Tuesday, 7 October.  Kirk Lyons, Tarry Beasley and H K Edgerton will be filing in Shelby County Court (downtown Memphis) the lawsuit.  We are filing on ‘wrongful termination’ for the loss of my job for display of the battle flag on my front and back auto plates.  We are asking anyone who is available to show up at the courthouse for the show of support.  There will be a media time after the filing.  The main thing we need is prayer and more prayer.  If you cannot attend we can come before the Almighty wherever we are.  The Desoto MS County camp as well as local Memphis and other TN camps will be in attendance. 
The desecration of our Southern and Christian heritage stops now.  These will be the two issues we focus on.  The GEC committee also voted to fund $7000 for this fight.  This a great support from out leaders at GEC.  As I have maintained all along this about all of our Southern people.  This lawsuit is not about me at all.  I join you all in giving all the credit for the victory to the LORD. 
I will keep you posted as developments occur.  I may be reached at 901.238.4231. 
Respectfully submitted, 
Paul McClaren
Sons of the South