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Dear Brethren (hundreds bcc herein- permission to forward),

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As America continues to sink deeper into the Abyss of Darkness, becoming EVERYTHING it once opposed, it won’t be long before the Nazi Concentration Camps look like the NY Hilton.

The actions of this Federal Oligarchy cannot be disguised or associated any longer with “actions associated with or intrinsic to National Security.”

Any with an ounce of Common Sense who has ever read a History Book of OLD, and capable of connecting the dots, can see what, where and why they are going with this.

First the Patriot Act;

Then their National Defense Act;

And now their Expatriation Act!

C’mon folks, just read the vague and ambiguous language contained within EACH and the inter-relationship of each becomes more than evident as well as frighteningly CLEAR.

They are creating the stage to deny you every right you were ever granted under the Original Constitution and the FIRST 10 AMENDMENTS.

By THEIR own deciphering, they will apply a ‘Legion’ whose decision it will be to pre-judge you thus denying YOU OF ANY RIGHT TO YOUR FORMER,INDIVIDUAL CIVIL LIBERTY’S!

Again, if this is the end result from that which occurred on 9-11, then who in the hell really WON ?…..or is this but the EXCUSE to launch upon an un-suspecting Electorate the conclusion of that which began in 1865 ?

Y’all better start deciding real soon because it won’t be long before e-mails of this nature will warrant the scrutiny of these Federals where upon the INTER-NET WON’T HAVE TO BE SHUT DOWN.

They will simply charge people like myself and countless other American Patriots with ‘Acts of Belligerence’ against the State, where upon I will be locked up and my Citizenry summarily revoked and myself placed in one of their awaiting ‘FEMA’ camps.

Still think we Confederates are NUTS…or has the time finally come when the aroma from that stench in Washington has finally reached your collective noses?

We have been pleading with y’all to wake up and smell the coffee because this has been a well-planned myriad of deceptive alterations, introduced much like a slow-acting poison into one’s system over the course of the last 150 years where upon once absorbed, it is too late!

In short, they are literally killing us or, in the very least, crafting the stage where upon they can summarily eliminate ANY of us without so much as a ‘How do you do’.

By making that which they do thru ‘legislation’ official, these nefarious and Un-Constitutional Laws will serve them much the same as did the Gestapo serve Hitler and Savac served the Shah to name but 2.

This is what is being done and carried out with all the splendor of deceit right in front of you!

This is nothing new but has been advanced as their time is winding down and they know many are now becoming wise to their M.O.

These ‘laws’ serve much the same and ultimate end as that of a collective death sentence & upon a Nation that was once conceived and who presented itself as a Republic!

We have NOT been a Republic for 150 years and this Oligarchy that has cloaked their deception under a system they have called Democracy has been the station they have used to come to this time and place.

Now that there is NO more room for BS and the mark of the Beast has become apparent and obvious relative to its deceptive practices, THEY MUST ADVANCE THESE MEASURES because their Economic House of Cards is about to come crashing down on them.

They know full well that their titanic and evil enterprise through which they procreated the theft of our Money, cannot be hidden much less saved or revised by virtue of anything they do now.

Thus the inter-continental World Banks they have designed are equally about to come crashing down and the usual life-lines of support- US (you and me) will result in an economic catastrophe that will make the Great Depression look like a Sunday Picnic. 

The resulting and justified anger will HAVE TO BE ADDRESSED and in what better manner than declaring ANY a “BELIGERANT INDIVIDUAL AND SUMMARILY WIPING THE SLATE CLEAN OF ALL PRIOR INJUSTICES AND DEBT!”

C’mon- can’t YOU see the forest from the tree’s and where in the hell this is all going?

National Security my fanny!

This is worse than most might imagine and, as mentioned, it will make the concentration camps of Nazi, Germany look like an evening on Park Row after all is said and done.

God Help us All,

Craig Maus,
President, The Confederate Society of America

When the Confederate Republic Lost, so TOO did Two Country’s…but Only We Confederates Knew it at the Time.

Is it ALL beginning to make Sense NOW?

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