From: "Craig Maus" –
Date: March 28, 2010

Dear Brethren (bcc herein),
I have been in The Confederate Movement for nearly 17 years.  Throughout that time my constituents and I have been providing you with a literal ‘blow by blow’ detail of what was coming our way.  It wasn’t hard to figure out or realize, especially when you have been a  Confederate prisoner as long as we.
WE have seen the ‘game’ for what it is for over 145 years- laws changing creating more controlling laws, history revised, entitlements in the name of social justice, etc., etc., etc.
During this time, one CONSTANT was ALWAYS evident-  government was growing exponentially while our civil liberties were diminishing & being compromised throughsocial entitlement or under the guise of national security. (Remember the Patriot Act for one example)
You know that these truths are now self-evident,  and if y’all were ever on the fence about it, well the ‘HealthCare’ bill should have awakened you from your coma.
The Democrats will be re-elected and they will GROW even larger!  How YOU ask?
Well folks, here’s how:

There are at least 12 million illegal’s here in this country plus whatever number Obama and company will infuse into that once again, and in the name of social justice, they will be given FEDERAL CITIZENSHIP.  And on that day, Obama and his ilk will have negated the American Electorate with 12 million new voters.  It will insure their perpetuity, negate the current American disgust and it will become the final game changer for America.
And just like the HealthCare bill, wherein the States and we will have to bear the financial burden, simply because THEY MADE IT SO under the guise of Social Justice and Entitlement through FEDERAL LAW, a whole new level of dependents will have been equally created !  As mentioned before, they have become their own self-fulfilling prophecy.
I don’t want to appear insensitive to another but it is just that ‘insensitivity’ or the ‘guilt syndrome thing’ is what the Federals are banking on. This is NOT a social issue folks and y’all need to understand that !
Now are y’all beginning to ‘connect the dots’ of history that this Confederate has been asking you to do for 16 + years ?  Again, one can see things much clearer when you have been on the other side of the ‘fence’ for as long as we.  In incarceration, as YOU will learn, you have many hours to read, discover and be reminded of what was lost when ‘the South lost!’
Remember, we told y’all so !  We were NEVER the radicals they made us out to be!  We simply dared to challenge long ago what has now become your worst nightmare today!  THE PAGES OF HISTORY PAST DO NOT LIE!
I received an e-mail the other day from a ‘man’ who apparently received one of my e-mails from another.
I’m sorry that I deleted it as I should have sent it out to everyone for their dissemination.  I was called a racist and every name under the sun. I was told that ‘my kind’ owed him what he is about to ‘receive.’ In fact, we ‘owed’ him not only that, but he had every right to expect us to pay for it as well !
The moral of his e-mail is simply this- one could not even remotely begin to establish dialogue with a person like this. He is far too gone for him to even begin to comprehend what we have been talking about. There’s no chance for that because the FEDERAL has erased any hope of that from ever happening because of ENTITLEMENT!
Does anyone seriously believe they (the FEDERALS) did not know the ultimate consequences their ‘State’ would create for this country ?  No one could be that naive folks.
I grew up very poor. My parents worked hard and long in order to provide for a roof over our heads and realized little in return.  But NEVER once would they have ever dreamed of living off another because they had to much self-worth and pride.  That man who sent me that e-mail could never grasp that basic difference!  There are casualties in every war but they are always the result of another’s action….in this country’s case- Federal action!
There are hundreds of thousands of us who came from the same humble background as mine.  We picked ourselves up by our boot straps, just like our parents and grandparents before us, and WE, NOT the FEDERAL, improved our station in life via those same edicts that were handed down to us- belief in God and  ye will prosper.  And when you prosper, you learn about oneself as well….as it was designed & intended by God !
Now we are part of the problem…that is what the FEDERAL MANDATES would have others believe through those Laws of Entitlement.  "Tax the rich",  a nefarious term I ever heard,  for it segregates and it polarizes by immediately creating a ‘Class State".  Ever here about ‘Divide and Conquer’ ?  It’s design speaks outside of just military engagements.
And thus, ultimately,   whatever dominion our families have realized over time & through hard work & perseverance, the FEDERAL has compromised or as Obama would describe it:   the Transfer of Wealth !
Y’all didn’t need to go to Harvard to learn this BS on how to hustle…..just the school of ‘Hard Knocks’ as did I and so many others !  Remember what they did too us after their so-called Civil War- they ‘ReConstructed’ us !
Today, Obama calls it by a nicer sounding word- ‘Transformation’.
Welcome to reality folks…..welcome to the world we Confederates told you was coming!
This country MUST split !  It cannot EXIST as one !  The Washington Manifesto has re-positioned this country & its people and have delivered onto us an entity that is anything but the Republic of our forefathers.  That entity can NEVER be altered from within.  Alterations are NO longer possible because FEDERAL LAW has made that so !  We live in a  tangled  web of deceit & corruption,  woven cleverly around us over time whose simple ends serves the same as shackled chains.
This is the harsh reality and one that every American has to come to grips with.  We MUST split if we are too survive….it’s just that simple!
‘When the South Lost, So Too did this Entire Nation….but ONLY we Confederate Knew it at the Time ‘
So Goes the South….So WILL Go This Nation !
May God HELP Us ALL.
ALL Roads Lead to 1865!
For God, Family and The Confederacy,
Craig Maus,
president, The Confederate Society of America and Proud Member of The Confederate Alliance of Independent Organizations.
Staunch Supporters for the Restoration of the Legal Government of the South- The Confederate States of America.
Will YOU join us NOW ?
Deo Vindice !