Demagoguery and Corruption – “Radicule Style”(Part 27) by Bill Vallante
“You complain of the disfranchisement of the Negro in the southern states, while you would not give them the right of suffrage today.” – President Andrew Johnson to an Ohio audience
Thaddeus Stevens, leader of the party forcing these measures, (black suffrage), said of negro suffrage: “If it be a punishment to rebels, they deserve it…
A silver-tongued demagogue captivates his gullible audience during Reconstruction:
*The Young Carpetbagger makes a Speech and the Crowd Comments:
Carpetbagger: Dear friends, I rejoice to find myself in this noble company of patriots. I see before me men and women who are bulwarks of the nation; ready to give their money, to work, to die, if need be, for freedom. Freedom, my friends, is another name for the great Republican Party.
Crowd Comments and Behavior: Hise you’ mouf tellin’ dat truf! Dat’s so! Halleluia! Glory be tuh Gawd!
Carpetbagger: The Republican Party gave you freedom and will preserve it inviolate!
Crowd Comments: (Applause; whispers) What dat he spoken ‘bout?? Sho’ use big words! Dat man got sense. He know what he takin’ ‘bout ef we don’t?
Carpetbagger: That party was unknown in this grand old state until a few months ago. It has been rotten-egged!….
Crowd Comments and Behavior: Now ain’t dat a shame!
Carpetbagger: ….although its speakers have only advocated the teachings of the Holy Bible
Crowd Comments and Behavior: Glory Halleluia! Glory to de Labm! Jesus, my Marster!
Carpetbagger: The Republican Party is your friend that has led you out of the wilderness into the Promised Land!
Crowd Comments and Behavior: (Glories and halleluias reached climax in which two sisters were carried out shouting) Disshere getting’ too much lak er ‘ligious meetin’ tuh suit me (a sinner observed)
Carpetbagger: You do not need me to tell you never to vote for one of these white traitors and rebels who held you as slaves.
Crowd Comments and Behavior: Dat we ain’t! We’ll see ‘em in hell fust!
Carpetbagger: We have fought for you on the field of battle. Now you must organize and fight for yourselves.
Crowd Comments and Behavior: We gwi do it too! Dat we is! We gwi fight!
Carpetbagger: We gave given you freedom. We intend to give you property. We, the Republican Party, propose to confiscate the land of these white rebels and traitors and give it to you, to whom it justly belongs – forty acres and a mule and $100 to every one of you! (the Chairman exhausted himself seeking to subdue enthusiasm.) The Republican Party cannot do this unless you give it your support. If the white men carry the elections, they will put you back into slavery. [Dixe After the War, Myrta Lockett Avary]
Were the radical Republicans really concerned about black civil rights? Judge for yourself.
When the war ended there were but five states, all in New England, and all having minuscule black populations – that permitted equal voting rights. Minnesota, Wisconsin, Connecticut, Ohio and Kansas, each rejected black suffrage when that issue was raised after the war. An 1865 referendum in the District of Columbia found 35 voters willing to allow the freedman the right to vote and 6951 opposed.
[Wade Hampton, Confederate General, Conservative Statesman, Brian Cisco, P 177] 
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