Rebel Sympathizers Are Delusional

Randall B. Pepin:

I read your editorial and I must say that you do not have a clue about what you have written about. First off the Jim Crow Laws were the results of the so called reconstruction activities implemented all over the southland by the Union soldiers and the Republicans. This only happened after the north expelled all southern politicians and in their place was seated many former slaves and union stooges. This was done in an effort to pass laws that would give the government more and more power. It failed. Then after the union pulled out of the south, the white southerners took revenge against the blacks, and you can’t blame them because many had conspired with the enemy. However, those basic "Jim Crow Laws" had existed all over the north for decades preceding Lincoln’s Invasion of the Southland…and after…they were called the "Black Codes." You must also understand that during Lincoln’s invasion of the Southland slaves continued to build the white house at this nation’s capitol and was used all over the north. Former southern slaves were even captured by the union army during "Lincoln’s Invasion of the Southland" and used in the union army as cannon fodder to protect the whites from death by the confederates. This was a normal thing even if a particular black refused to go. Slavery continued in many of the northern states until the 13th amendment was signed by all the states after the war, including the south. Do you even realize that Lincoln’s Emancipation did not release a single slave, not even the ones held in the north…read it.

Do you realize that Lincoln and his corrupt administration offered the south "Slavery Forever" if they would return to the union, they rejected the offer…What your problem is you refuse to see the entire picture and to understand that the north was the "Slave Lords of America" bringing millions of Africans out of Africa that they sold into the world market. And what you fail to see is that only 5% of those captives were sold into the United States. You also fail to see that these same people captured American Indians and sold them into the world market for things like sugar that they used to make rum for the purchase of more slaves from the African Kings…you have been brainwashed by these same type people and you are being used just like the slaves were used before you.

You say every Southerner participated in the viciousness of night riders, cross burnings, lynchings, sharecropping, withholding education and all but the most menial jobs, inflicting as much pain and suffering as possible on their black neighbors, and that is a bunch of crap and you know it! You failed to see that millions of Southerners were not even involved in any form of slavery or discrimination against any race of people. Or have you told us that there were more slaves owners in the union army than in the confederate army…..which, by the way, were not fighting to uphold any form of slavery. You also fail to say that all of these same "Jim Crow Laws" were a basic part of life in the north. You also failed to say that after "Lincoln’s Invasion into the Southland" the black Union League came onto the southland to hoodwink many of the former slaves, not to help them at all, but to steal by deception. These people were barbarians who deceived many former slaves by making them believe that they came to help them and to make them masters of their former masters. These people alao burned the homes of many blacks, they looted them, lynched, and used the name of the KKK to cover their tracks… and you are no better because your words do the same to the uneducated.

Therefore, I say to you there was a lot more damage done to Africans and to White Southerners by Lincoln’s army and his administration than you are letting on. You need to go back to square one and start reading some real history and not the history created by the victor of that war or the politically correct of this country because your words are a crop of crap.

By the way, are you a member of the Communist Party?

Robert E. Forkner
The Great State of Alabama

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