By Joan Hough
“Summa pia gratia nostra conservando corpora et cutodita, de gente fera Normannica nos libera, quae nostra vastat, Deus, regna, "Our supreme and holy Grace, protecting us and ours, deliver us, God, from the savage race of Northmen which lays waste our realm”(1)
White Christians in Europe once prayed for deliverance from barbarians–from those raiding, raping, enslaving Vikings, “the men of the North.” Eventually, Christians were freed from the Viking enemies, but only after they took up arms against the barbarian invaders. As long as the Christians paid the Dane geld, they never got rid of the Dane but Christians finally “wised up.” “By the end of the Viking age, most European lands had . . . trained, standing armies capable of mounting effective defenses against Viking attacks. Generally, the Vikings were not trained organized troops.”(2)
Sad to say, modern barbarians, modern Vikings, now live among us and wear American faces. They are concentrated in number and importance in the north, that is, in Washington, D.C. Is there no way they can be defeated and evicted from our land? Will our God say “yes” to our prayers?
We have allowed our smiling, NORTHERN-CONTROLLED Republican and Democratic Party politicians and their puppeteers to drag us into a type of government known as a DEMOCRACY (another word for  Socialism/Communism). They are in the process now of transforming us into the NORTH AMERICAN UNION AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER. We have permitted our leaders and their true controllers to murder the U.S. Constitution and the Republic it once created and supported. We have sat quietly by as they, the modern Vikings, placed anti-Constitution judges on our courts and reinterpreted the Constitution until it would no longer be recognizable by those who created and originally approved it as “The Law of the Land.”
The originators of the Constitution would never have accepted the present unconstitutionally passed Amendments to the Constitution—amendments passed illegally by the new Vikings and yet declared the law of the land by politicians on the U.S. Supreme Court. One such amendment, not legally passed, designed long ago to give black slaves the rights of citizenship, has now been twisted to allow non-English speaking, non-English reading foreigners to vote via American ballots written in non-English languages. A few words written in the preamble [introduction] to the U.S. Constitution– to “provide for the general welfare” have, due to the deliberate misinterpretations of our brilliant, non-constitutionalist-Supreme Court justices, been used to justify numerous illegal actions of the U.S.
government. And then, of course the black robed, legal sages have legalized some weird decisions, for example: they have ruled that because a farmer has grown corn and fed his pigs with it, he has broken an Interstate commerce law because had he not grown corn, he would have purchased it in Interstate commerce. The judges have smiled as the “general welfare” words casually included the introduction (the preamble) to the Constitution have been used as a green light for all of the powerful, greedy, Central government traffic.
The original Constitutionalists would abhor the very idea of Amendments legalizing Communist-pushed income Tax controlling the minds of children and removing U.S. Senators from the control of their state. These amendments and
others altered the entire, original design of the Republic by erasing a vital segment of States Rights.
Present Vikings and their sycophants preach that all supporters of the U.S. Constitution are radical rightists and Tea Party nuts — that the Constitution is a horse and buggy document no longer necessary in a changed world. (They care not that time changes, but people never do—people remain as greed-filled for power and money now as they were in Biblical times.) The first Republicans, Marxists in credo, knew that for a political Party to maintain power, the central government must control the education of each generation of children. The present day Democrats and Republicans adopted that philosophy and continue where those first Marxists left off.
Idiots/traitors declaring our form of government a “Democracy” rather than a “Republic” would have incensed our nation’s founding fathers who bound down the Central government with the chains of the Constitution. Those wise men of America loathed all the vices of a Democracy, so never placed that word into any U.S. documents—not in the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation or the Constitution. They abhorred the idea of giving allegiance to an all-powerful, central government and its flag, rather than to God. They did not believe that “love of country” required “worship of government” and itʼs leader.
The creators of our Republic would be aghast at the control the U.S. Central government has assumed over the minds of American children – future voters in our nation. Our nation’s forefathers did not designate education as an endeavor of the central government. How horrified they would be to learn that schools in America now brainwash. They are washing away all vestiges of the culture of the South, the truth in American history, and the teachings of Christianity. They are joined in their efforts by the communications media.
Magnus Magnusson.Vikings New York: E.P. Dutton. 1980. p.61.