Tommy Defoe vs Anderson County School District / An Open Report

From: HK Edgerton

[] Sent: Tuesday, August 19, 2008

On Tuesday morning August 11, 2008 , as I sat behind young Tommy Defoe in the federal courtroom alongside other members of the public awaiting the arrival of the Judge and jury who would hear the proceedings in the lawsuit brought forward by young Tommy Defoe against the Anderson County School District and other school officials, the attorney for the defendants Arthur Knight, would approach where I sat. He would give me what the babies call the “mean eye” as he stared in what appeared total disgust at my neck tie and the confederate medal and Life membership pin from the Texas Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the Life membership pin of the North Carolina Order of the Confederate Rose. Approximately 30 minutes into the trial, Mr. Knight would ask the Honorable Judge Tom Varlan for a side bar. I would later find out that Mr. Knight had asked the Judge to have me to remove my neck tie which bore a depiction of 4 flags; the Bonnie Blue, 1st National, 2ndNational, 3rd National, and Confederate Battle Flag. After the Honorable Kirk D. Lyons pointed out that he too wore a tie that bore the flags, the Honorable Judge Varlan ruled that he would do no such thing. Knight argued that I was testifying with my apparel.

Out of two days of testimony that I personally listened to, I have never seen the race card played so much, and to boot not one time did I see one Black person use it , or for that matter take the stand in support of those Knight defended. Not even one poverty pimp. Yet just like the period of so called Reconstruction, Attorney Knight played the race card time after time and seemed very comfortable using the word nigger until it came time to offer his closing arguments. Then it became the politically correct N word. He would even admonish young Tommy for referring to black folks as colored people.

It quickly became apparent to me that Attorney Knight was going to use as his strategy any means to manipulate the court cases of Tinker and Castorini to show that there was a perception of the occurrence of disruption in the minds of the defendants because of their politically correct beliefs that all Black people are offended by the Southern Cross. Never once considering that since the school house is a place of learning, and just maybe if they truly believed the malarkey they espoused, the Southern position should also be put forth to the many young minds who hunger for some understanding of the events that led an honorable people to separate itself from a union that they forged together. Notwithstanding the total exclusion of the efforts of the many Blacks who loyally stood by their Southern family during this epoch and why the efforts of Lincoln to solicit insurrection among those Blacks who steadfastly stayed at home making the implements of war, providing the food stuffs for the beleaguered Southern army, who went off to war ,and in many, many instances protecting the families left behind by the men who were away was unsuccessful. The Confederate Flag should be in the school house for these children to learn just who we are as a nation. However, the victor is afraid that should they learn the truth; bills will have to be paid to the Southern people.

In an attempt to cover up the terror that he constantly heaped upon young Tommy for making a stand for his limited 1st Amendment Rights, Anderson School Principal Greg Deal , would tell of a time when two Black students would arrive in his school from Louisiana following hurricane Katrina. He said that two days after they were there , he discovered a Confederate Battle Flag hanging from the hall rafters that bore a message; “Heritage Not Hate. He surmised that this was a message to the students from his White students that they were not welcomed at Anderson. I would surmise several other things: 1. Mr. Knight needs to attend an English class. 2. The Black students could have placed the flag there because after all they come from the Great State of Louisiana where one of the most celebrated Black Confederates hails from. I speak of Levi Carnine, a man who the newly elected Commander in Chief of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Charles McMichaels would lead my brother and I on the Historic March Across Dixie right to his gravesite and with tears streaming from his eyes plant the Christian Cross of Saint Andrew and tell us the story of how Levi had carried the letters and monies of the Confederate soldiers back to their families on a journey similar to the one we were on through hostile northern held territories where if he were captured, it would have spelled instant death. Some argued this would be too farfetched for the jury to believe. Then I would argue that they should visit my website at 3. I would surmise that John McCain on this very day who is in the Great State of Louisiana , a man running for the highest office in this land , a man who has proclaimed that he is ashamed of his Southern ancestors who fought under this glorious banner, would do himself proud to visit Levi’s grave and learn about a man who was proud to be called a Confederate soldier.

In summation, I would add that young Tommy like many of his peers who have taken up this fight in Dixie Land should at least, read Mike Scrugg’s Un-Civil War book so when these hostile Defense attorneys like Knight ask them to define and give them a History Lesson because they love wearing the Dixie OutFitter shirt that reads : If this Flag Offends You , you Need a History Lesson, they can give them one. And, they can not only when attorney Knight proclaims that General Forrest started the Ku Klux Klan correct that, but also tell the story of the Union League and how the Klan of and under the Honorable General Forrest broke the back of Reconstruction in the South, a time that spelled the ruination of Red, Black and Southern White folks and like now as I sit in this courtroom use every means to define Black folks as traitors to their homeland and ancestors who earned a place of honor and dignity alongside a man they called Master, Family and Friend, and a place they called Home; the Southland of America. I would also encourage my babies who continue to make their honorable stands not to forget the Black Confederate , they can also read about him in all of the Honorable Kelly Barrow’s published works. May God Bless Attorney Van Irions, the Honorable Attorney Kirk D. Lyons of the Southern Legal Resource Center for standing with so many who call themselves Southern and providing them with such inspiring legal help and furthermore may he continue to bless organizations like Dixie OutFitters who through their apparel continue to remind us of the beauty and memory of our honorable flag and those who chose to defend it.