Dear SHNV Friends,
If they do not "like" us for what we do not believe and have not said or done, their cultural intelligence is not worth our time, unless of course, you have nothing better to do. I always have something better to do, like fishing.
We need to stop being the "world" and stop worrying about the world. Everything outside of our Southern community is the "the rest of the world." I do not wake up in the morning concerned about what people in Vermont or Oregon or Boston think about anything.
Many are simply inferior social monsters whose respect must take a lower priority in our lives. This does not mean they are stupid, but it does mean they have been and are living in a cultural underdeveloped and self-righteous political community. We should be considering what they need to do to earn our respect.
Lester _____________ wrote to me about his concern for the South. He said, "Everybody thinks the SCV is a hate group we need to change their mind on that we might get more support for our cause. We honor our Confederate ancestors and remember a way of life we no longer have. Let us stand together and bring honor and respect to our group and The Sons Of Confederate Veterans."
To honour my ancestors I do not have to do what they had failed to do and that is to convince northern materialists and agnostics that our worldview is as legitimate as their or better than theirs. We are still trying to impose an impossible and Herculean task on ourselves arising out of a notion that we need our cultural and social enemies to like us.
We will never make any progress so long as we continue to permit these people to control our agenda. We need to define and live our own agenda. Yankee’s have very thin skin. We need thicker skin and deeper thought. We simply need to remember who we are. If we want to be a nation we have to first begin living like a separate nation.

Timothy D. Manning, M.Div
Executive Director
160 Longbridge Drive
Kernersville, North Carolina 27284
Phone: (336) 420-5355