"Defiance?" Show me the proof!
From: wildbill4dixie@yahoo.com
To: wwashington@thestate.com
Re: http://www.thestate.com/local/story/1115275.html
I have a few questions for you:
First, regarding:
>>No longer is the flag atop the State House dome, where in 1962 it was raised as a gesture of defiance to those who would contemplate desegregation and racial equality
I wonder if you could prove your contention by citing some quotation from a South Carolina politician of this time which shows that this was so? Pardon me, but I am old enough to remember this period – I was 12 years old when this alleged raising of the flag as a symbol of defiance occurred, yet I don’t remember the word "defiance", or any word like it, being mentioned at all. What I do remember is the Civil War Centennial, an event which prompted many Southern states to display Confederate flags. In case you’ve forgotten, or are unaware, President Eisenhower, in 1957, suggested to the states that they make the most of celebratory events related to the Centennial. Raising such flags in the South was one way states did that. I also remember seeing opponents of Civil Rights speak on television. As I remember, they were not shy at all about their position and spoke out loudly in defense of it. I would think that if such men were to have raised the flag as a "gesture of defiance" that they would have said so – yet they did not. So then, once again, can you prove your contention? Can you cite some source, some quote, which remotely suggests that the flag was raised to defy civil rights?
Actually, since you’re probably going to delete this email and go hide under your desk, I’ll answer the question for you. There is not one quote from one Southern official or politician of the time, in South Carolina or any other Southern State, which proves that your contention is true. You and your bosses made it up and are counting on the rest of us to ingest it without ever questioning you.
Second, regarding:
>>The flag’s current position is due in no small part to the more than 50,000 people who rallied on King Day a decade ago
Can you please tell me how many of those 50000 people received travel expenses or hotel lodging or food from the NAACP, the organization which sponsored the event? I continually wonder why it is that no one from your paper, or any of the other corporate owned media outlets, asks this question? There is a big difference between someone who uses his own time and money to do something, and someone who is PAID to do it! It is the difference between a volunteer and a mercenary. And since, as I said, you’re going to go hide under your desk and ignore me, I will once again answer the question for you – it’s because you people are afraid to ask such questions.
Third, how can I get a job like yours, a job where I can make claims that I cannot prove and where no one will question me, and, where I will get paid for it? Sounds like a sweet deal to me, and since I do know how to write, I’d like to be in on it!
Bill Vallante
Commack NY
Sons of Confederate Veterans, Associate Member, Camps 3000, 1506