Deep Gratitude

Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2008

Dear Dixie Outfitters,

I first want to say THANK YOU so much for stepping up in a society that is deep in political correctness! I truly love you guys for what you are doing for the southern heritage and for the southern cause which I believe is still alive and well. I have written you before briefly. I am a 18 year still active duty vet. in the Air Force. More than that I am a dedicated servant to my state of Arkansas and to the principles of our founding fathers and to the southern heritage that has tried to preserve those principles, fist in a war against northern aggression, and since then, by political and cultural means.

Next I want to give a good word for one of your stores that is located in Branson Missouri. Nathan, the owner of that store, is a great person. He is dedicated to Dixie Outfitters and the message of preserving our southern heritage. I have visited the store often, bought many things, and will continue to do so because of the friendliness and dedication of Nathan. My entire family looks forward to our visits to the store in Branson. My children love this store and are true southern patriots.

So, I thank you. I thank you for the store in Branson Missouri. Finally, I extend my thanks to Nathan for a well ran store that is worthy of great words of admiration.

I am your servant,
Jason Rice (TSgt USAF)
1806 Taylor Cove
Beebe AR, 72012

In a Confederate soldier’s journal was found the following words: "I was a soldier in Virginia in the campaigns of Lee and Jackson, and I declare I never met a Southern soldier who had drawn his sword to perpetuate slavery. What he had chiefly at heart was the preservation of the supreme and sacred right of self-government. "


From: Dewey Barber

Dear Sgt. Rice and family,

Thanks so much for your email. It is great to hear from persons like yourself who know the real truth of our American history and Southern culture.

Dixie Outfitters exists because of your support and others like you who value the sacrifices of our Confederate ancestors who died defending their homes, families and the ideals espoused by the founding fathers of America.

We vary very proud of our Branson store and Robb family who own and operate it. They are great examples of the values that Dixie Outfitters cherishes and seeks to perpetuate via our products and stores.

Thanks again and best regards,

Dewey W. Barber
Owner, Dixie Outfitters