From: Craig Maus –
Date: Sun, Oct 3, 2010
Subject: Fw: My Decision to Leave the League of the South.

Dear Confederates,
I feel compelled to share this communique with you.  Please see Mr. McBerry’s letter herein & below because it speaks volumes and may I personally congratulate him for having the guts to tell it like it is.
God works in strange ways and we Confederates, who have lived & fought in these trenches for so long, are another day closer to our Confederacy’s RESTORATION because of Mr. McBerry.  Perhaps now, Confederate Solidarity can finally be realized & come about via The Confederate Alliance of Independent Organizations as has been my hope & dream for 17 years.
As president of The Confederate Society of America, it is NO secret that I and Mike Hill do NOT like one another.
It was not always that way, however.
Perhaps now, and as a result of Mr. McBerry’s courage, the Mission undertaken by the Society & myself many years ago will finally come to fruition.  Equally, and at long last, that Confederates across this country will finally understand that this was NEVER  a ‘contest’ of superiority between organizations that ‘some’  conveniently made it out to be, but rather the distinct difference of two whose ideology’s are as different as those characteristics associated with a Federal & a Confederate.
And maybe we can now advance the Confederate Movement free from individuals who have heretofore stymied its progress and advancement.
I MUST point out that my commentary is in NO WAY directed at those Fine Members of The League of the South who believed in the organization they thought were representing their shared interests and hopes.
At the conclusion of this commentary & after having read Mr. McBerry’s resignation letter, I will leave it to YOU to decide for yourselves what the motivational reasons might have been behind the actions of Mr. Hill and company for having withheld the ‘History’ of this Movement from you?

There are but a few of us Confederates remaining who have been at ‘it’ since the Confederate Movement began in the early 1990’s.  Those other Founders of this Movement have been called back by our Lord and have crossed the River to once again sit with those who Fought for our Freedom and Independence.

MUCH has occured since those early days and there is indeed MUCH to share with you….but that should be told to you in person and not over the internet because there is simply too much to speak of.
Nonetheless, after MANY conventions in MANY city’s across the South over MANY years, ONE SINGULAR DIFFERENCE WAS BECOMING QUITE CLEAR:
The organization that describes itself as "the premiere organization of the South" was walking way wide of ANYTHING Confederate, no less than the word itself or anything relating to the RESTORATION of our former Confederacy.
> At their conventions, loftly advertised with ‘agendas’ suggesting or sounding like those with whom one would think were Confederately driven,  were in fact clearly lacking in substance & purposeful direction.  Afterwards, any definitive Mission Statement with respect to Confederate intentions and desires was clearly lacking.         Instead, what one got for the price of admission was not the promised music they paid for but rather an end-around dance with a Kabookee professional. 

> In 1999 Mike Hill committed the League of the South as a Member Organization within The Confederate Alliance of Independent Organizations at the conclusion of the Convention that was held by The Confederate Society of America in Charleston- that is a fact!  How many of you I wonder were ever told about that ?
> He also said he would inform his Membership of their involvement and promised to work as a fellow organizational member with the intention of Galvanizing what was then being called The Southern Movement.
> It wasn’t but a short while afterwards that I/we realized we had been fooled.  Personal attacks and nebulous charges against me, the Society and the Alliance surfaced shortly thereafter that provided Hill with the created excuse to abandon his VOICED committment to the Alliance in Charleston that year.
> It was then that I/we realized that he probably made a huge mistake in Charleston by making that commitment for the League’s Oligarchy was NOT about to become just a ‘Team-Player’ with others.

> After all, they had already spent thousands of dollars defining their role as the ‘all-seeing & all-knowing he-bull, premiere organization on the block’,  and they had NO intention of playing second-fiddle to a Confederated system where they would not hold the ‘starring role’.
> Thus the Movement suffered again because of a self-centered Individualistic ideology wherein the tactic of Divide & Conquer was again introduced playing one Confederate off of another into believing that this was nothing more than in-fighting!  Nothing could have been further from the Truth… and once again the Confederate Guerilla Fighter had to find solace in the trenches after having been torpedoed by ‘one of their own’.
> I will NOT mention other names herein but one leader associated with another notable organization told me in NO un-certain terms that if we didn’t play with the League, we would get NO support.

> Nonetheless, as I am cut from the old creed of non-surrender, I went back into those trenches of old and decided to fight and champion our Cause with others whose temerity & resilliance to bull-shit is as ever-lasting as mine.
> As such, and although our wounds were made deep by these proclaimed academia’s of arrogance, we survived and are prevailing because there is NO substitute for Truth.

> What I have said herein is NO secret because I have shared it with any whose committment to the Cause runs as deep as ours.

> As the saying goes, We Report,  We Fight & after You decide, maybe y’all will join us.
> I/we have NEVER once waivered or waffled as to who and what we are and that of our intentions and Mission since the early 1990’s.  Can the same be said of others?
> It was after Charleston in 1999 that I decided enough was enough and NO more ‘sucker-punching’ at our expense to the benefit of others- financial or otherwise.
It was WE who CHANGED what they were calling The Southern Movement into The Confederate Movement!         Have y’all noticed how many people are now referring to themselves as Confederates?  Its NOT a dirty word nor should y’all hide from that which YOU are or want to be!
But let us NOT forget that ‘others’ were in fact running away from it.   Additionally, we ALWAYS called for the RESTORATION OF THE CONFEDERACY while others only alluded to it or suggested "the establishment of a New South in 100 years or so" – HA!
Y’all may want to read Mr. Hill’s "Grey Book".  I think you will find some of his comments relating to the League’s position…….’interesting.’
> And lastly, as I have suggested to ANYONE when y’all are at any of their Convention’s, ask these 2-questions of Mike Hill:
A) Are YOU a Confederate- Yes or No- and don’t ‘substitute’ or inter-ject the word Southerner into the answer because the two are NOT the same and,
B) Do you believe the Confederacy remains under occupation & held in subjugation by a Foreign Power that illegally invaded & over-ran our Country- Yes or No ?
> It was NEVER about ‘in-fighting’ as it has been made out to be, but rather, the distinct difference between two entirely different Organizations….One esposuing and adhering to Confederate Principles and the other,     ‘Southern’ ( ? )
One requires NO defintion.  The other requires Explanation.
For God, Family and The Confederacy,
Craig Maus,
president, The Confederate Society of America and PROUD Member of The Confederate Alliance of Independent Organizations.
Deo Vindice!
‘When the Confederacy Lost, so Too did this Entire Nation, but Only We Confederates Knew it at the Time!
From: Teresa N. Radford

[] Sent: Friday, October 01, 2010
To: Dennis Joyce;
Subject: Fw: My Decision to Leave the League of the South


FYI. CSA.Gov might want to talk to him. The LOS has slowed down our cause, if anything.

Best Regards, 

Teresa N. Radford


—– Original Message —–

From: Ray McBerry Enterprises
Sent: Friday, October 01, 2010
Subject: My Decision to Leave the League of the South

My Decision to Leave the League of the South
by Ray McBerry

A Letter to Friends

Dear Friends,

Today, I have made one of the more difficult decisions of my adult life.  After fifteen years as a member of the League of the South, I have resigned my membership.  I know that this letter is not short, but I hope that you will take the time to read it in its entirety and not simply skim read it.

I joined the League of the South in 1995, shortly after the League was formed.  During that time, I have willingly given thousands of hours of my time and thousands of my own dollars to promote the goals of the League:

* I have been an active member for 15 years.

* I have served as local chapter chairman, state secretary, state vice-chairman, state chairman, and member of the national board of directors.

* When I asked Dr. Hill to appoint my vice-chairman here in Georgia as my successor in July of this year, I had been serving as state chairman for eight and a half years which makes me, I believe, the longest consecutively serving state chairman in the history of the League.

* I have served on the national board of directors for the last four or five years.

* In 2006, I was awarded the most distinguished award that the League presents, the "Jefferson Davis Award for Lifetime Service" to the cause of Southern independence

* Several years ago, I was present at a meeting in Tennessee with many of the leadership of the League to discuss strategy for the League to accomplish its goals.  The League had struggled since its inception with having a clearly defined goal but no strategy to get there.  On the morning of the second day of meeting there, I offered what became adopted as the basis for the League’s current (and only) strategy statement… "The League of the South seeks to attain Southern independence by fostering a climate among the Southern people in which they demand independence for themselves and by providing leadership for that movement."

* I personally founded DixieBroadcasting Radio nearly ten years ago for the purpose of educating thousands more about the history and Cause of the South and have promoted the League on-air every day since.

* When nothing was done for more than a year with my suggestion to the League national board of directors that the League should purchase the exclusive rights to the Apologia set of approximately 400 lectures and speeches for the purpose of promoting our heritage and Cause, I personally paid several thousand dollars myself to purchase the collection and began offering them through DixieBroadcasting and now Tenth Amendment Solutions.

* I have twice run for Governor of the state of Georgia as a "States’ Rights" Republican, garnering nearly 50,000 and 20,000 votes in the two elections.  In my 2010 campaign, I spoke more than 300 times to groups across the state on the subject of States’ Rights and state sovereignty, not counting the many radio and television interviews and debates.  In both of these races, I was attacked by the media for being a member of the League; and in both races, I steadfastly supported and defended the League publicly, refusing to renounce my membership or leadership in our organisation.

I say all of the above to make it clear that I have not simply been a member of the League for the last fifteen years but have been one of the most active and faithful members in our organisation.

A Letter from Dr. Hill

On September 9th of this year, I received a letter from Dr. Hill, League’s national president, informing me that since I had set up Tenth Amendment Solutions at the close of my campaign in the governor’s race, he had held private email conversations with the other board of directors for the League, except for myself, and had decided that I should resign from the board of directors because Tenth Amendment Solutions was, in his estimation, in competition with the League — something quite ironic considering the fact that I set it up for the purpose of educating folks and introducing them to the League.

For the record, I did not set up Tenth Amendment Solutions for the purpose of "competing" with the League (quite the opposite, in fact) and will share with you the same response that I shared with Dr. Hill and asked him to convey to the other board members:

1. I explained to him that Tenth Amendment Solutions was created following my campaign in the governor’s race here in Georgia because I had several thousand volunteers who wanted to continue to learn about States’ Rights and remain active and that I hoped to introduce them to the League through the educational materials offered by Tenth Amendment Solutions.

2. When asked if he knew what "members" of Tenth Amendment Solutions received for being members, he offered a few guesses but did not know.  I explained that "members" of Tenth Amendment Solutions received one of the lectures or speeches of a League Conference (the former Apologia collection) every month as an online download and a ticket to our Sept. 11th Conference which featured four League of the South speakers.  In other words, every thing that members of Tenth Amendment Solutions received with their membership was something that would not only educate them but also acquaint them with the League.

3. I reminded Dr. Hill that I had asked him a month earlier to speak at our Tenth Amendment Solutions conference on Sept. 11th and make a "sales pitch" for the League at the end of the meeting to all present.

4. I pointed out that immediately upon my announcement a month earlier that we were setting up Tenth Amendment Solutions, my political enemies here in Georgia began saying, "See, we told you so.  Everything that Ray does is for the purpose of promoting the League of the South."  I thought it interesting that what my political enemies could see so clearly, those who were supposed to be friends and compatriots in the League’s national leadership found it so difficult to see and that they chose, rather, to assume the worst instead of the best, even after fifteen years of faithful service from me.

5. I reminded Dr. Hill that at no time had he nor any of the other board members contacted me to express any concern or ask what my purpose was in creating Tenth Amendment Solutions.  In fact, even my several offers to have a conference call with the other board members were declined; and Dr. Hill refused to "call" a board conference call, although he has done so on many previous occasions for lesser reasons.

6. When I finally did learn of Dr. Hill’s concern that I was trying to "compete" with the League for members by creating Tenth Amendment Solutions, I reminded him that creating an organisation for the purpose of introducing like-minded folks to the League was something that we had been encouraged to do in workshops at national League meetings.  I even explained to him that in setting up Tenth Amendment Solutions, I had pulled out my notes from one of those previous League national workshops for suggestions on how to do it.  It seemed as though this was a point that Dr. Hill had not remembered until I pointed it out to him; and he reluctantly acknowledged that it was, in fact, something that was recommended at the national workshop.  My only mistake, it seems, is that I did it too well.

7. Our new state chairman here in Georgia reported to Dr. Hill twice this past month that all of the new members of the League here in Georgia for months were direct results of me and my campaign for governor.  I also let Dr. Hill know that I had personally recruited three of my most active campaign directors to the Georgia League in the past couple of months and had spoken to several others about possibly joining the League and establishing local chapters where we had none.  The truth is that I was bringing in members to the League; I had not "taken" any members from the League.

8. Because all of this seemed like such strange and excessive concerns and actions expressed by Dr. Hill to the other board members, I asked my pastor for his thoughts on the whole matter.  He, too, believed that Dr. Hill’s behaviour did not remotely line up with what he was saying his concerns to be; so my pastor encouraged me to inquire about whether there was some other reason for Dr. Hill’s actions and concerns.  I asked both a fellow board member and Dr. Hill if there were any other concerns that led Dr. Hill to speak to the board and ask for my resignation; both the board member and Dr. Hill said emphatically, no, there was absolutely no other reason or concern and that they hoped that I would continue to work for the League and also speak at the upcoming national League meeting in Atlanta.


In summary, Dr. Hill responded to the information above by telling me that I should have reported my intentions to the League’s national board for approval before setting up Tenth Amendment Solutions.  I will confess that it caught me totally offguard that League leadership would assume ill intentions on my part when I have spent so long working tirelessly for the League.  I received an email on 30 September 2010 from Dr. Hill stating that he had again had private conversations with the other board members and still thought that I should not serve on the board any longer.

As a result of all of the above, I have come to the following conclusions:

* If Dr. Hill or any member of the board had sincerely had any concerns that I was trying to "compete" with the League or do something inappropriate, both the Christian and Southern thing to do would have been to call me personally.  If this had been done, any concerns could have been alleviated, or I could have chosen a different course for Tenth Amendment Solutions.  Dr. Hill’s choice of action was neither Christian nor in keeping with the principles that the League espouses.

* The very fact that Dr. Hill or any board member would assume the worst instead of the best of someone who has sacrificed so much of their own time and money for fifteen long years and has been awarded every honour bestowed by the League is indicative of the kind of paranoia that will forever prevent the success of the League in its endeavors.

* Ultimately, what it comes down to is that Dr. Hill, as the League’s national president, was afraid that a few dollars would go to some other place than to the League’s national office.  In reality, the lectures and speeches that Tenth Amendment Solutions members pay for and receive are the very same ones that we have been selling through DixieBroadcasting with the League’s blessing for several years; so even this argument is beyond silliness.

* I suppose that every organisation which lives to a certain age reaches the point that the League has reached… the point in which preserving the organisation, itself, and it’s income, becomes primary; and actually accomplishing the stated goal of the organisation becomes secondary to the organisation’s survival.  In this respect, it has become apparent to me that Dr. Hill’s primary concern has become holding on to the small income that is generated from League membership to the point that he fears League members would not pay their dues if they are also paying for educational materials on States’ Rights from other sources.  This mindset can never lead to success or victory and is destined to result in the eventual slow death of any organisation over time.

* I will confess that I am disappointed because I have worked extremely hard and have followed the League’s recommendations at each turn selflessly only to be then betrayed because of having achieved some degree of success and having Dr. Hill upset because of my growing popularity among our people, as though it were for personal gain at the expense of the League.

I have made the decision to resign my membership in the League because it has become painfully evident to me that Dr. Hill has placed a higher priority on maintaining the small principality that the League has built — one which, comparatively speaking, could fit onto the head of a pin, instead of reaching the teaming masses of our fellow Southerners with our message and because of the growing paranoia at the League’s national office that anyone who achieves success and popularity among our folks is seen as some kind of a threat to that principality.

I have often wondered why so many former League members, especially those in leadership positions, left the League; I now understand why many of them have made that decision and why it appeared that the League had burned bridges with so many quality people over the last few years.

My Future

Although I leave the League with a heavy heart, I have no intention of quitting our Cause of restoring States’ Rights and liberty here in Georgia and throughout the South.  My loyalty has always been to our Cause first and to the League secondarily, as I know that it is with many of you.

I will continue working to advance the Cause of States’ Rights and state sovereignty with the end in mind of restoring our liberty and a constitutional Republicsuch as the ones bequeathed to us by the Founding Fathers and our Confederate Forefathers.  I have accepted four different speaking engagements for the near future and will continue to do so, as the Lord allows.

If you wish to get email updates on what I am doing, you can sign up for the free email newsletter at Tenth Amendment Solutions.  You will also receive articles and speeches on States’ Rights about once a month.

I will be notifying Dr. Hill that I will not be speaking at the upcoming national League conference in Atlanta.

Here in Georgia, I am working with our folks to introduce several different bills which will promote state sovereignty in the legislature for this next session.  Two of the bills sponsored by my campaign in the governor’s race have already been used as models in other states; and we hope to continue to influence the State Sovereignty Movement across America through speaking and helping to write good legislation.

If you wish to purchase any of the more than 400 lectures and speeches on Southern history, heritage, and constitutional liberty which I purchased several years ago, they will still be available through Tenth Amendment Solutions for our members and visitors.  A few are online now; the rest will be soon.

If you wish to listen to Southern music, speeches, humour, and more, DixieBroadcasting will still be up and running.  In fact, we are heading towards the ten year anniversary of DixieBroadcasting!  Likewise, the eighth annual Southern Heritage Music Awards has already been announced for the end of this year, again, as well.

If any of you wish to contact me, you may do so at my personal email address which is .   If I do not respond immediately, it is only because of the volume of email that I receive daily.

Finally, please let me make it clear… I still have many friends in the League of the South and even on the board of directors.  I am not breaking any friendships over my decision to leave the League but just feel that my time and money will be better spent in other endeavors for our Cause.  Several friends that already know that I am leaving the League have expressed their intention to either resign their membership or simply not renew their membership when it is due; however, I want it to be very clear that those of my friends who decide to continue in the League will still be just as much friends as ever before.

I have only sent this email to League members or former members, to the best of my knowledge; but I do not have everyone’s email address.  Please feel free to pass my email along to any other League members who know me so that they will understand why I will no longer be involved directly with the League and will know how to contact me if they wish to do so.

May God Save our Beloved Southland,

Ray McBerry