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For those who have any doubts about political correctness running amok in Georgia, the Irish stand ready to educate them. This may sound strange to some who have allowed themselves to fall victim to the lies and myths of the politically correct.

In what seems like our never ending struggle over the Georgia State flag, the media and liberal corporations constantly use their cronies in the State government to give their pitch. In fact the whole debate seems to focus more on campaign contributions and political power than on anything resembling civilized debate or the Truth.

But then that should not be a surprise to anyone. Political correctness is the sickness which brings us the physical search of 80 year old grandmothers so that young Moslem males will not be offended. Political correctness is the sickness which brings us human excrements as freedom of speech art while being unable to understand "shall not be infringed." Have any of you ever voted for such foolishness? Of course not, letting the people vote is the greatest fear that the politically correct have.

Returning to our Flag issue. Here in Georgia, Our TRUE State Flag is hated by the politically correct and they stop at nothing in their efforts to eliminate it. Perhaps it is because it is based upon the St. Andrews Cross and is a Christian symbol dating back centuries. This fact has recently surfaced in Ireland where the Flag hated by the politically correct was recently flown under an Union Jack.

Some might notice that part of the Union Jack is a St. Andrews Cross. This should not be a surprise to anybody except those that have swallowed the politically correct myths hook line and sinker. The St. Andrews Cross has been used historically by Ireland, Scotland and pre-Communist Russia. At this point the politically correct are probably scratching their heads, so I will give them a clue: The St. Andrews Cross is a symbol of the cross upon which The Apostle Andrew was crucified.

An Irish publication printed an article (click here) that shows more knowledge of history than our "educated [sic]" media here in Georgia. It shows more knowledge than a majority of elected legislators, both Senate and House.

The politically correct attacks on Southern Heritage are simply based upon misrepresentation, so one should ask why do they do it? You know the answer to that question, how long are you going to put up with it? You, the citizens of Georgia can end it in the elections next year!

In the last week a new question has surfaced. The official Republican Party web-site has published a statement that in effect says that do not represent those who want to vote on Our State Flag. That they have joined the multi-national corporations, the liberal media, the Black Caucus and other politically correct politicians in conspiring to deny you the right to vote. The new question is simple: If the New Day in Georgia is nothing but a continuation of the Old Day in Georgia, what good is it? Apparently, they lack the courage to stand up against the corporations, liberal media and political correctness. Or like the new Republican governor, do they prefer the corporate campaign contributions to representing the People of Georgia? The silence of Republican Reps and Senators says a lot doesn’t it?

Read the article from the man in Ulster then ask your State Senator and Rep(s) when are you going to let us vote? It does not hurt to remind them that no matter what they do we get to vote in the election next year.

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