Last weekend, a tragedy on a Sprint car racetrack in NY resulted in the tragic death of Kevin Ward, Jr. who had gotten out of his car and was hit and killed by Tony Stewart. The investigation continues, but it did not stop at least one sports commentator from one of the most idiotic accusations this side of accusing George Bush being responsible for 911. Here’s the comment from ESPN’s Colin Cowherd: “It’s really, really part of the South, and it’s an eye-for-an-eye culture.”
Really? So this guy thinks the death of Kevin Ward is because of a southern culture? Since Ward is a native of New York and Stewart is from Indiana, I guess I’m not getting the geographical connection, but as a proud Southerner, I take offense at some guy whose name rhymes with cow turd trying to blame southerners for a testosterone fueled feud between two Yankee drivers. Cowherd reveals his ignorance of southern culture by invoking an eye for an eye as being Southern. Maybe he should get out more.
If you have a flat tire on a country road in Mississippi, you won’t be there long before someone in a pickup truck stops to help you change it. People in Arkansas still pull over to the side of the road so a funeral procession can go by; A fellow who kills a deer in Georgia will probably give you some of the meat for your family; catching a mess—yes, we call it a mess of fish means the neighbors will get some too; total strangers in Tennessee will say hello, and when people say they will pray for you in South Carolina, they really will. I don’t know where the goon from ESPN is from, but it ain’t from the south. If he wants to make a complete fool of himself, he should come see us and try to show us how to cook grits, make redeye gravy, run a trotline in Louisiana, set a hook on a largemouth bass, field dress a deer, or clean a Weatherby 300 mag rifle. He can explain to us the difference between King James Version and the NIV, sing Amazing Grace in 4 octaves, and play fiddle in a country band. He can give us his recipe for a barbecue rub, coach Little League football, tree a coon with a hound dog, and show us how he calls ducks. If he can’t do that, he ought to stick with what he knows which clearly is not Southern culture and shut his pie hole. Bless his heart!
Mike Huckabee