Dear Daughters, part 2
Can anyone tell me WHY, at the UDC HQ building in Richmond, the First National Flag that does fly, that is hidden behind a huge cedar tree so no one can see it, and not (neither is the US Flag which is also behind a cedar tree but more visible) lit up at night, is a 7 star version?
A release from the UDC President General offered just today states in part "…the First National Flag flies daily in front of the UDC Memorial Building in perpetual honor of our Confederate ancestors."
Of course that EXCLUDES Confederate ancestors from Tennessee, Arkansas, North Carolina, and yes, unfortunately, VIRGINIA 🙁
Can we get a 13 star First National up there for ALL our Confederate Ancestors? Can we get that taller than the flagpole cedar tree cut down so it is not hidden? Can we get a light on it so folks can see it 24/7/365?