Deal with facts, not myths

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Editor: I don’t mean to insult Mr. (Charles) Owens’ fourth-grade interpretation of the history of the “War of the Rebellion,” but if slavery was the reason for the war, why did the Southern states not support the original 13th Amendment, which guaranteed slavery and only required the South to reenter the Union to pass? To any sane person that would prove the war was not over slavery. Why did (President) Lincoln and (William) Seward when meeting with representatives of the Confederacy as late as February 1865 promise them if they would lay down their weapons they could keep their slaves?

It’s awkward when one deals with facts instead of myths, lies and one-sided history. Yes, by the way, I can document this and much more.

“Surrender means that the history of this heroic struggle will be written by the enemy, that our youths will be taught by Northern school teachers; learn from Northern school books their version of the war.” — Confederate Gen. Patrick Cleburne

Gary Adams
Hayes, Va.