Christian Historian states Lincoln’s "Day of Fasting and Prayer" resulted in "Stonewall" Jackson’s Death
Today, Monday, March 12th, on the Christian talk show, "Point of View", William Federer, a Christian historian, was discussing days of "Fasting and Prayer" that were issued by the Presidents.  Needless to say, he ignored Jefferson Davis’ calls for a "Day of Fasting and Prayer" during the War Between the States and concentrated on Lincoln’s that was issued on March 30, 1863. 
Federer stated that Lincoln’s "Day of Fasting and Prayer" resulted in the death of "Stonewall" Jackson.
Here is the transcript of his speech:
“…during the Civil War, twice,  Lincoln had days of Fasting and Prayer.  One, in particular, is March 30, 1863……   What happened three days later that changed the course of the war?  Well… “Stonewall” Jackson– one of the greatest generals the South had– is surveying the battlefield at Chancellorsville the night before the battle.  He is coming back at twilight and one of his own men says “Halts! Who goes there?”  Before he can answer, he shoots. Hits Stonewall Jackson in the arm, he gets it amputated, then dies of pneumonia. And… just about every Civil War historian will tell you that had Stonewall Jackson been there three months later at the Battle of Gettysburg, the South may have won. The War would have been different. Now I don’t understand the sovereignty of God ‘cause Stonewall Jackson was a godly man, but it just so happened three days after this day of prayer that something happened that helped the North to win and the slaves were free.”
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Dr. Arnold M. Huskins
Augusta, Georgia