Facebook:  Chad Smith sent a message to the members of Dixie Outfitters.

February 20, 2011

Subject: Video: Jefferson Davis Inauguration Re-enactment with SesquiCentennial Parade

Happy Sunday Everybody,

I wanted to send this message to you because something very beautiful happened within my life yesterday. I was able to have the chance to take part in a historical moment within our Southern Land—I was able to travel down to Montgomery, Alabama (my first time going there by the way) to take part in the Jefferson Davis Inauguration Re-enactment with SesquiCentennial Parade—which marks 150 Years since Jefferson Davis became the President of the Confederate States of America—

I have to admit that it was such a beautiful day as well for this event to take place in—the weather was sunny skies and the high for the day was somewhere around 78 degrees—I have to say that there are times within our life when we take part in something and the emotion is so great that there really are not any words that would even come close to describe the feelings that we have within us and this was one of those moments within my own person life. I was standing on the same ground where our Ancestors stood 150 years ago—and hearing the band play Dixie or to see all of us together—I was standing there and would just imagine what it was like in 1861 and to think that I was doing the same exact thing—-Wow. I can only imagine the real deal and the emotions that was there at the time.

I have told people many times and will say it again. I wish that I was alive during the time of The War Between The States—I would join the War in a heart beat and yes I would join even knowing what I know now of what the outcome would have been—

I had been talking to a lot of people who were not able to make the event and wanted me to take some pictures and post them on Facebook so that they would have the chance to be able to look at them and see how the event turned out. I had another idea though and that was to not only bring my camera and to take picture but to also bring along my camcorder and film the actual events taken place. I’m not putting down pictures in any way shape or form but that its something special to be able to see the events in motion across your computer screen…makes you feel as if you were really there and that’s the feeling that I want you to be able to take away from this video.

This is your video. This video is about not only OUR ancestors but YOUR ancestors as well. Share this video—use it for your own person use if you want. Cherish this moment within our time when your Ancestors stood up for what was right and decided that a change had to take place—they knew that Action Speaks Louder Then Words—and took off without ever taking the chance to look back or to think twice—

I know a lot of people have talked about how the Media did not really want to cover this even and to make it a story within their newspapers or own their show and that’s fine with me. We don’t need them. They don’t want us or like us and the feeling is mutual. We have something that’s far more greater and that’s the fact that we have our Ancestors blood flowing through our veins and that’s more powerful than anything else.
They may not want to cover us but they aren’t able to ignore our REBEL YELLS!!!!

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