Jefferson Davis Inaugural Reenactment
The Jefferson Davis Inaugural Reenactment of February 19th 2011 was a great historical event with many reenactors & spectators.
My only regret is that our detractors, south haters & basher`s have tried their best, as usual, to use historical reenactments & SCV gatherings to further their modern-day Marxist political agenda at our expense. All they want Americans to know about this period in American history is, the North equals good & the South equals bad and don`t you try to think about it for yourselves as they will do all your thinking for you.


Of course, they are qualified to do this as they are smart enough to self-appoint themselves for this task. If you don`t believe it, just ask them. After all if you don`t conform & become galvanized yankees just like them then, you don`t have the right to live.
Never mind the fact that there have been no slaves or slave masters in the south or anywhere in America for 150 years they still beat the issue of slavery like a dead horse trying to get more political mileage from it today, all these years after the fact, why ?
Because our pointing out historical facts about the union`s usurpation of the U.S. Constitution all those many years ago threaten the very foundation the modern Marxist political movement in America is founded on. They cannot have you hearing the truth as it will / is undoing everything they have lied, cheated & stole to build upon since the early founding of America.
We Southerners are the last group of people in America that dares question & stand in the way of their Marxist utopian heaven on earth. To all you Southerners & Americans who continue to stand in defiance of them by telling the truth about the Constitutional Republic we were suppose to be I say, a job well done & keep up your good work. It drives the modern-day Marxist insane & thus their intensified attacks on us however, stand firm & resist.
Billy E. Price
Ashville Alabama