Hard to believe that someone actually pays you to do what you do?! Life is good, eh Mr. Ruth?

>>>>the Confederate tag idea has not quite captured the imagination of the Legislature, which you have to suspect hardly wants to embark on a gesture that would offend the state’s black population<<<<

Ever try talking to some black Southerners Mr. Ruth? Probably not. Try it sometime and see how often the subject of "The Confederate Flag" comes up!? I can tell you, it won’t come up much, if at all. Unless someone deliberately tries to stir them up about it, they really don’t much care. Maybe you’re not familiar with history or geography, but black people have lived in the South forever – most often by choice. You must not get out very much?!

I can’t think of one northern state that comes close to being 50% black – I can think of one Southern state though – Mississippi. In case you weren’t paying attention 4 years ago, Mississippians voted 2-1 to keep their state flag – which has a CONFEDERATE EMBLEM in it. Despite the national association of always complaining people funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars into a get-out-the vote campaign, most black Mississippians stayed home. Apparently, there were more important things to worry about. So much for most black people being "offended".

Let’s get real and talk about who IS offended:

1. Those in the civil rights industry who derive their livelihoods from publicizing grievances. It’s simple economics really – no grievances to air means they have to get REAL JOBS!

2. Those politicians who roll in from out of state during that once every 4 year circus known as "the Presidential Campaign", trying to act like they care about black folks – i.e., "If it were up to me I’d take down the Confederate flag!?" (Sure you would Joe Biden, now go back to sleep).

and finally –

3. Mainstream media hacks who I sometimes think must be grown on the same farm somewhere – because none of them ever says anything different from what their clones working for the newspaper across town say.

Hint – if you’d like to improve things in the Tampa area, (or anywhere else for that matter), and If you really feel a crying need to "flush", try flushing these three types. The world could do very well without them. And don’t forget to jump in yourself before the water finally goes down.

Bill Vallante
Commack NY
SCV Camp 3000 (Associate)
SCV Camp 1506 (Associate)