The Daily Gamecock- Columbia, SC
I spent 10 years as a student at the University of South Carolina and have followed their newspaper, The Daily Gamecock, since it became available on-line for the past 5 years or so.  Suffice it to say, I have never read anything but PC nonsense until recently.
First on February 9, 2010, an article was run entitled "Flag debate still divides SC"
where Lt. Commander of the SC SCV, Don Gordon, is given an opportunity to articulate the position of the SC Division regarding the flag and gave him the last word in the article.
I thought it was a fluke. 
Then I got up this morning (Presidents Day) to find an article by a young man named Will Potter entitled "‘Great Emancipator’s’ intentions not so great"
In this article Mr. Potter goes through the litany of little known facts/crimes committed by Lincoln, all of which would be familiar to those of us "in the fold," but would be anything but familiar to 99.9% of the students at USC.  I need not tell you what the history faculty will think of a criticism of "Father Abraham."  When I was at USC (1989-1999) a young man who said things like this would have caught hell.  Political Correctness was really gaining a foothold during that time.  Maybe it is different now, but I seriously doubt it.
I would encourage you all to post comments on either/both of these articles.  You do not have to register like you do on most sites.  When the universities of the South do something right (which is rare), they ought to be encouraged.
Thanking you in advance, I am yours
Paul C. Graham
Cayce, South Carolina