Dixie Outfitters drops in on Bel Air

Much of that Georgia Chamber pot smell emanating from Atlanta’s inveterate Coca Cola headquarters ("our position opposing the Confederate battle flag won out") got aired recently in Mobile, as Dixie Outfitters arrived with a boxful of teeshirts parodying the disloyal corporation’s disstinktive logo by proclaiming: "Southern Heritage ­ It’s the Real Thing." Protesting a local shopping center’s spineless capitulation to CocaCola correctness while wearing their Real Thing teeshirts, a dozen demonstrators were seen at all times that day with posters, relieving one another under the hot sun in turns while sipping Pepsi.

"BOYCOTT BEL AIR," screamed the 141-point headline, as this A-Team passed out 2,000 copies of The First Freedom, many of them rolled together with Dixie Outfitters catalogs, to motorists on May 10, 2003 repaying that mall tit for tat. On a half-mile, six-lane stretch of Mobile’s Airport Boulevard facing Bel Air Mall, patriots occupying three long islands responded all day with smiling equanimity to both cheers and jeers. To such a battle-hardened group it made no difference; all of them had been there before and will meet hypocrisy again, nose to nose, in the coming months. The tide is turning.

John Cripps and company were there from FreeSouth.org explaining alike to the brainwashed blacks and whites that no slaves ever came here from Africa under any Southern flag, nor on any Confederate ship, allof them having arrived aboard vessels flying the Stars and Stripes. Those with cognitive dissonance problems kept yelling, of course, as future Governor of Mississippi John Cripps continued smiling. Looks like he’ll be able to handle the job.

Dewey Barber and company were there from Dixie Outfitters of Odum, Georgia convincing those blacks who would listen that when Bel Air Mall last Thanksgiving evicted the only Dixie Outfitters retailer in the area, the complaining ethnic vendor showed no more thanks than did Bel Air Mall’s knee-jerk management for his own heritage. After all, asked Barber, does he prefer living in Africa? Respect is a two-way street.

Steven Fitts, League of the South state chairman, joined the skirmish along with others from the Alabama Coalition. Which wasn’t much of a skirmish, really; Mobile Police being kind enough to remember the First Amendment and considering none of these troops Bushkin Terrorists. (Some police chiefs just don’t take orders from the media.)

Reggie Phillips and company from the Council of Conservative Citizens added to the action, waving small battle flags all day. Phillips declared himself "ready to fight the battle now. There is no more compromising with these people," said he. "They will not take another mile because we don’t give another inch."

Ominous talk? Those who boycott not only such boycotters as Bel Air, but the brainwashing tube as well, reading instead the American Free Press, Citizens Informer, Media Bypass, Southern Events or maybe The First Freedom, know all is not under "U.S.A. PATRIOT ACT" control as the mediacracy keeps indicating, nor has this certain portion of the populace given up its Bill of Rights in exchange for "security."

Friends of the Flag founder and local SCV chapter chairman Ben George and company were there, too.

Link: http://www.gulftel.com/firstfreedom/45.htm