by Al Benson, Jr.
31 December 2006

Here we go again, with yet another problem with the Confederate flag in schools, only this time the officials in the particular government school in question, Allen Central High School in Floyd County, Kentucky, have defended the flag as a Southern symbol—a decidedly different twist than what we are usually treated to in these cases.

According to an AP article:

The welcome sign at Allen Central High School is home to a grinning Confederate soldier, proudly waving a banner bearing the St. Andrew’s cross of the Confederate battle flag….More rebel soldiers and Confederate flags cover the same walls that hold posters touting academic achievement, fundraising drives and notable attendance…

The students are well aware of the controversy that has surrounded the flag and that many schools have banned it supposedly because it represents slavery and racism, although it seems that this is not what it means for the folks at this particular school. But as we all know in this politically correct age, Confederate flags can’t be left flying anywhere, lest the cultural genocidists feel they have not accomplished their mission in life—the destruction and obliteration of anything remotely Confederate or Southern—except, of course, the memory of slavery, which will be trotted out and used periodically to put all white folks on a guilt trip so they will be willing to pony up a little hard cash for "reparations." So goes the culturally genocidal shell game!

Anyway, it seems that this present situation was brought to a head recently at a basketball game which Allen Central played with the private David School in Floyd County, which school has black students. The coach for the David School team, a liberal lawyer named Ned Pillersdorf, claimed that Allen Central’s students were "taunting" his black players with Confederate flags when they lined up to take foul shots.

Heavens, how offensive!

What basketball player in any school anywhere, private as well as public, has not been "taunted" in some manner when he stepped up to the line to take a foul shot? The local fans may not in all cases wave Confederate flags, but in one way or another, they let the player making the foul shot know that they hope he misses. And if the player can’t handle that, then maybe he shouldn’t be playing. It seems that, because of this "incident," Mr. Pillersdorf wants his team to boycott a game with Allen Central on January 19th of 2007, ironically the 200th anniversary of the birth of Robert E. Lee.

From all reports it seems that the folks at Allen Central really don’t look at being proud of the flag or Confederate symbols as being "racist." Lorena Hall, the principal at Allen Central, has said, "It has nothing to do with racism. It’s a part of us." But such an explanation cannot be accepted.

Enter the cultural genocide crowd. They can’t let something like that stand—why other people might look at Allen Central and begin to rethink their politically correct positions on the flag, and some might even be led to feel less guilty about the battle flag—less willing to sit upon the "stools of everlasting repentance" that the cultural genocide people have prepared for them.

In relation to the situation at Allen Central, the division commander of the Eastern Kentucky Sons of Confederate Veterans has said: "It has nothing to do with race except in the minds of those who think it does," and he said the school should be applauded for standing by its flag and mascot. Who knows, they may even have a teacher there who still teaches real history. I know a history teacher in a high school here in West Monroe, Louisiana, who belongs to the SCV and he still teaches real history. I don’t know how he manages it and keeps his job, but he does. I am by no means a fan of government education, but in this case I agree with the school officials who don’t want to back down.

And as usual the whiners and complainers are attempting to have a field day, most of them coming in from other places naturally. One of the most notable is Rev. Louis Coleman, the head of a Louisville "civil rights" group. Business must be pretty bad in Louisville that Rev. Coleman has to travel all the way from there over to Floyd County to make a fuss. He has denounced the flag and has tried to get the school board there to remove it. He sent a letter to county school officials in Floyd County in which he noted that an all-white student body with Confederate symbols will not be prepared to take part in "a diverse society where these symbols have already been eliminated."

Hogwash! (And he probably knows it too!)

How terrible, students not prepared to partake of the politically correct New World Order! They’re holding onto their old parochial Confederate symbols and henceforth they won’t "think" like everybody else does. All I can say is good for them! We need students in today’s (and tomorrow’s) society that will not "think" like the lobotomized millions around them, but will retain the cultural independence to think for themselves.

All these "diversity" types howl about having a diverse society but what they really mean is having a society which thinks like they do, which will goosestep to their tune. They are really afraid of anyone who refuses to do that. They don’t want diversity—they want total exclusion of anyone who will not kowtow to their version of a diverse society—a version that does away with anything white, Christian, or Southern.

These are the cultural censors who attack that which they are not willing to try to understand, and they are really scared to death of truly diverse opinions and ideas. Hence they must shut down all thought that does not fit into their little box.

At this point, I have no idea how all of this will turn out. If the school and its officials continue to stand firm on Confederate symbols, then I have no doubt that the cultural-genocide crowd will ratchet it up another notch and go after them with a vengeance, because they cannot stand by and allow for true cultural diversity, lest their "ambulance chasers" end up shortly out of jobs and have to go and find real work.

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