CSS Shenandoah Pamphlet

From: jwells2168@comcast.net

Dear Friends:

Our fund raising pamphlet to whet your interest in the surrender ceremonies, CSS Shenandoah to HMS Donegal, to finally end hostilities in Liverpool is available.

This promises to be an extraordinary event along with a stone marker to commemorate the event Nov 1865-Nov 2015.  Our two camps designed a European Medal of Honor, our continuing Camp project, and this will be
present to Captain Waddell in one of the two services that will be held.

The Captain John Low’s member, Bob Jones has put together an informative "Civil War" trail in Liverpool and should you come to Liverpool it is a must see but allow extra time, you won’t be disappointed.  Bob covers
the Confederate efforts of one, Captain James D. Bulloch there and his extraordinary exploits for the CSN.

We are asking for a $12.00 donation for the pamphlet, but we will be pleased to mail you one for free. Now, men and ladies don’t go crazy on the freebies, LOL! LOL!

A very nice "Post Card" of the CSS Shenandoah will accompany any paid request.  Quantities are limited on the Post Card

Its slogan:  "Last Confederate Combatant to Strike the Colors Nov 1865."  And of course a picture of Shenandoah.

Seriously, Lt. CIC Barrow, contacted us to see if we were interested doing the Event and after many fact finding few months, the CSS Shenandoah and its officers and crew will be honored.

BUT, we can’t do it without your ASSISTANCE.

A similar announcement will be in the next Confederate Veteran.

Here’s hoping you enjoy the booklet and you have time to plan attending in Liverpool if your interest is so aroused.

We are also looking for CSS Shenandoah re-enactors


CSS Shenandoah’s Event Custodians

The officers and members of the:
Captain John Low, CSN Camp 2161 Scarborough, England
Clyde River Blockade Runners Camp 2168 Bridge of Allan, Scotland

collierj7va@aol.co.uk  John Collier
jwells2168@comcast.net    Jerry Wells