CSS Shenandoah Pamphlet/Event
From: jwells2168@comcast.net
Good Day Chuck:
Our Officers and Members of the UK SCV Camps (2161 and 2168) along with the CSS Shenandoah Memorial Fund in Glasgow Scotland would like to acknowledge you, again, for the timely running of our Pamphlet promotion, as we are currently out.
We would also like to thank your subscribers who supported us with their donations and even forwarded our News around the world.
Of course, we ran into just less than a handful of emails who professed an interest with the proverbial’ THE CHECK IS IN THE MAIL" but there is always a few naysayers who profess their support for the Confederacy but never follow through.
Again, thanks to all,
Bob, Chris, Ian, John, Neville and Jerry
Event Coordinators