Southern Heritage In Italy


Please inform all your subscribers that on Sunday 19 march we held a memorial service for former bourbon army soldiers who enlisted in the Confederate army in 1861 and all their fellow soldiers of the CSA who fought alongside them. We have also dedicated a section of the local museum to illustrate events of the war of yankee aggression. There was a tremendous interest and will expand the museum information to visitors. In case anyone of your subscribers visiting Italy, the museum is located in the fortress of CIVITELLA DEL TRONTO; that is a small town 130 miles east of Rome, the section is elected as "Home of 22nd Cons. La inf. rgt. Co. F that as of today has never surrendered. Also while visiting Rome, reserve a visit to the grave of Commander Thomas Jefferson Page of the ironclad "stonewall" who is buried in the protestant cemetery. This is the second year for the memorial, which is going to be held the closest Sunday around March 20 of each year. We have also documented the US consulate.

A rebel yell from across the Atlantic to all; greetings for Easter holydays.

Pete Rossi-Lucca Italy

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