Re: CS Monitor writer


Mr. Demastus,

Below is what I have written to Mr. Jonsson to let him know that more Southern history has been rewritten than he knows about. I hope that I have opened his eyes and maybe he will ask me to do an article on this.

Leon Puissegur

Mr. Jonsson,

I do not know about Mr. Ben "Pitchfork" Tillman, but I do know about the rewriting of Southern history. I can safely say that Southern history has been rewritten since 1865 and for the most part it has been rewritten to reflect the North and a very biased "opinion" of the people of the South.

With this I mean that most of the history that truly happened and was recorded as such, has been rewritten to fit those how do not want or care for the people of the South. The most damning and probably the most abused part of Southern history is the Confederate Battle Flag. This is the flag with the St. Andrews Cross, most of the time wrongly called the Stars and Bars, the Stars and Bars relate to the First National Flag of the Confederacy which looked a lot like the United States flag on the battle field and that is precisely why the Confederate battle Flag was designed by General P.G.T. Beauregard whom came from Louisiana. This flag was NEVER designed to represent hate nor slavery as many of small minds are led to believe. It was designed to save lives on the battle field and to rally around during the battle.

The Abuse of the Confederate Battle Flag did not come about until late in the 60’s when, as rumor has it, a reporter from the North told a KKK member that they would get better coverage if they used the Confederate Battle Flag rather then the flag of the United States. I must note here, that the KKK does not have the Confederate Battle Flag as their flag of choice; their flag of choice is the flag of the United States and also a Christian flag. They only use the Confederate battle Flag to stir up emotions and encourage the hate they have by instilling fear upon those they dislike. I along with many people in the South wish we could get a law passed that would make it a crime for any group other then heritage groups to use the Confederate Battle Flag. Here is perhaps the biggest act of rewriting history that has ever been done, simply because the Confederate Battle Flag was NEVER used for hate nor slavery, and only succumbed to that idea by people whom know little about the true history of the flag and the South. Maybe a story should be done on this to correct the wrong inflicted upon the Confederate battle Flag by the few idiots that abuse it along with the flag of the United States. I got so tired of explaining the truth that I wrote the book, "Forward The Colors" and had it published. I have been told by a number of teachers from all over the United States that this book should be in every school library so that the children can learn the truth. I can go into a lot more of this if you would want me to do an article on it. I would be honored to write one for you based upon what history has been rewritten for the sake of being "politically correct".

Leon Puissegur
Author, "Forward The Colors"