From: Phil Walters <>
Date: Thu, May 24, 2012
Subject: CS Flag issue in Defuniak Springs, Fl
To: Phil Walters <>

If y’all need any assistance up there, please put the word out. I hope we have folks monitoring the issue.
Recent U-tube video produced by Legionnaire Al McCray of to help educate the Black community on Southern history. The show’s host Tyrone Walker was most interested in the topic & wishes for dialog to continue. Commander David McCallister & Lt. Commander Phil Walters of the Judah P. Benjamin camp # 2210 SCV Tampa were interviewed. Education & diplomacy often defuses problems before they arise.
PLEASE ACT!  $10,000.00 bounty Dead or Alive!
The "above the law" folks at the New Black Panthers party have placed a very public, open & notorious cash bounty of $10,000.00 upon a citizen of our state who had volunteered to help keep his community safe from local thieves & thugs. A very unfortunate situation occurred from an encounter in which the community volunteer has been arrested.

The court system will have to sort this out. A generation ago battles were fought to put a stop to lynching and actions such as those that the New Black Panthers are proposing for a CITIZEN.

I must strongly ask our elected officials why there has not been any media reports of an investigation into this criminal act by both the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the federal Department of Justice. The best I might reason is unless you take time from your busy day, take time from family & work and take to the streets  in protest of INEQUITY then I must reason NOTHING WILL BE DONE.

Please contact the folks below via phone & e-mail and DEMAND action be initiated against this criminal action. If you don’t act, who will?
Governor Rick Scott
(850) 488-7146   For e-mail, go to
To contact your Florida Senate or House member:
Attorney General Pam Bondi : Citizen Services 850-414-3990   E-mail, visit:
Senator Bill Nelson info:
Senator Marco Rubio:
US Congress-To find your rep, visit:
If you don’t have time to respond & demand equal enforcement of the law, I guess you’re just too busy……….no problem as Rev. Jackson & Rev Sharpton will be more than happy to speak for you.

From: Phil Walters

[] Sent: Friday, May 04, 2012
To: Governor Rick Scott
Subject: Re: Thank you for contacting Governor Rick Scott: Black Panther Bounty

Mr. Davis,

My questions concerning this "media circus" have not been addressed by your response. My subject was what actions are there in response to the Black Panther’s party $10,000 dead or alive bounty that was placed upon community watch leader and Florida resident George Zimmerman’s head?

This is both a state and federal issue. Governor Scott as chief Executive of the state has authority to order an investigation by FDLE. Governor Scott also has influence in the Federal arena and can certainly influence our Federal Senators, Congressmen and others to spur the DoJ to act upon this open and notorious crime. 

I have the utmost confidence Governor Scott will chose the right course of action. As an outraged and concerned citizen I wish to remind him inaction will only lead to more negative responses and will contribute to the erosion of confidence in our government to protect ALL of OUR CITIZENS.

In addition to the above stated action, I also suggest AG Pam Biondi request an investigation from the DoJ. Should the DoJ under Eric Holder continue down his well documented path of selective (and corrupt) enforcement of the law, if it’s within Ms. Bondi’s realm of authority, I suggest she file suit against the DoF for failure to investigate such a hideous crime that openly challenges the rule of civil law. She’s done a fine job of defending our rights against Federal intrusion with the "Health Care" mandate so I feel comfortable she is very capable of spurring action and defending our Citizens in this area too.


Phil Walters

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From: Governor Rick Scott
To: Governor Rick Scott
Sent: Friday, May 04, 2012
Subject: Thank you for contacting Governor Rick Scott

Thank you for contacting Governor Rick Scott’s office and sharing your concerns about the investigation into the death of Trayvon Martin and the criminal case of George Zimmerman.  The Governor asked that I respond on his behalf.

Governor Scott supports a full and fair investigation into all of the circumstances surrounding Trayvon’s death.  For this reason, Governor Scott appointed the Honorable Angela Corey, State Attorney for the Fourth Judicial Circuit of Florida, Special Prosecutor in this matter and requested the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to provide any assistance necessary to fully investigate this matter.

After an intensive investigation in the interest of pursuing justice for all victims in this case, on Wednesday, April 11, 2011, the Special Prosecutor filed an information charging George Zimmerman with murder in the second degree and a capias was issued for his arrest.  This matter is now in the hands of the judicial system. As the process continues, it is critical that we be patient as the proceedings move forward in a fair and transparent manner. 

Although we appreciate your concerns, the Governor’s office does not administer the state attorney’s office or prosecute criminal cases.  Your best source of assistance for your concerns about the decisions of the state attorney prosecuting this case is to contact her office directly.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact the Governor’s Office about this important issue.


Warren Davis
Office of Citizen Services
Executive Office of the Governor

Please do not respond to this email.  The best way to contact the Governor’s Office by email is through the contact form on the Governor’s web site at