Letter: Objects to criticism of Confederacy

June 13, 2011
Linda Miller
St. Augustine

Editor: I would like to comment on Allan Marcil’s letter in the May 31st Record.

In the first paragraph he uses the phrase "Confederate army drag" to describe the Confederate soldiers. Then he describes the ladies dress style as "Scarlet O’Hara widows weeds."

He then said that "these neo-Confederates had gathered first, not in front of the actual Confederate Memorial…and only a few feet from the recently dedicated statue for the St. Augustine Foot Soldiers…"

In the June 5 Record a picture shows the group in question standing in front of the Confederate Memorial. This Memorial has been there since 1872, the Foot Soldiers memorial only a few weeks, any questions? As far as the reason for the war of Northern Aggression, this war was fought for states’ rights. Before the firing on Fort Sumter, Jefferson Davis sent a Peace Commission to Lincoln and asked him nicely to let the Southern States peacefully secede from the Union as they were tired of being dictated to by the government. The South even offered to pay for any federal property in the South and also pay for their share of the national debt. Had the South won the war we would not have a $14 trillion debt and would be paying taxes to Richmond, Va. Slavery was a moot case as all of the original 13 states had slave owners.


Because Lincoln refused this offer, he has the blood of 625,000 Americans on his hands, 25,000 of those were civilians. As far as Marcil’s statement that the Bible is a "dubious source of moral guidance," I’m not going there. He will have to answer to a much higher judge when the time comes.

His reference to "Gone With the Wind" is a coincidence. Life in those days was a lot like that. When the war started, Northern troops would take over colonial mansions to use as headquarters, when they left they would take anything of value, burn the mansions and crops and what animals they couldn’t use they would kill.

The history being taught our kids today was forecast by George Orwell in his book, "1984." When you come to a subject you don’t like delete it and type in the liberal’s version.