Crisis! Mayday!
Y’all mostly failed to show up for our beautiful, exciting, extremely significant flag rally on Saturday — God bless those who did — but here’s something that all must jump on IMMEDIATELY, TODAY, THIS MINUTE if at all possible: Contact Governor Mark Sanford (regardless of where you live in the world) here
and urge him NOT to resign under any circumstances. (I use capsfor emphasis, not shouting.)
The NAACP has never accepted the "compromise" over the C-flag at the SC state house. Neither have we. Nobody does, except the politicians and their friends the corporate media poodles. All these have been slavering for the day Governor Mark Sanford would leave office. Until now, it was taken for granted this would occur four or eight years after he took office in 2002.
Now, because of his admittedly appalling immorality, they think they’ve got it in the bag. A BILL IS IN THE WORKS FOR REMOVING THE FLAG FROM THE POLE — H. 5388!
Every single Republican member of the SC house — including many we’ve had the pleasure of identifying as fully human and even real-world in recent legislative efforts — has declared for Sanford’s removal from office.
So, how can I, a known moral fundamentalist and moralizer, be asking you all to stand with him?
Two reasons.
(1) When Sanford goes, it’s the flag fight all over again. Either he finishes his term and some lying little jerk like present Attorney General André Bauer gets elected, or he is forced to resign now and Bauer is in the groove sooner, ready to lead the chorus of tolerance, diversity and removing the Flag the rest of the way into a museum drawer.
(2) There simply is no context for removing Sanford in this day and age. His immediate predecessor was Dummacrat Jim Hodges who committed flagrant election violations among other outrages (not least presiding over the fall of Old Dixie from the dome). EVEN WITH SANFORD’S ADULTERY the other pols pale in comparison — yes, lots and lots of sainted, churchgoing, baby-kissing REPUBLICAN junior woodchucks included!!! You think it doesn’t go on all through the halls of power? May I show you some oceanfront real estate in Wyoming?
Enough words from me. Please, just do it. YOU IN MISSISSIPPI ARE NEXT if we don’t stop the sons of Sherman here. Go:
Hold your nose if you need to, but please just get it done. Sanford must know that the people are not with the GOProstiticians on this thing. The two choices boil down to a fallen hero and a total rat for governor. Yes, that’s about all we have to choose from at this moment in the extremely rusted, corroded buckle of the Bible belt — Bauer or no Bauer! There are wonderful people running for office but they’ll never get the blessing of these neocons.
Below my message to him — feel free to use or rephrase any or all of it.
Thank you!! /\/.\/\/.

Governor, it has come to the attention of us upcountry activists that a rotten conspiracy is in progress against you. The RAPE-ublican RAP-resentatives have declared that you must quit or be thrown out of office. This is damnable hypocrisy. How many of them are long-term adulterers or other malefactors? Look at the POLITICAL crimes of many of them. Contemplate the evils officially perpetrated by your predecessors as Governor — nobody talked about impeaching them!

Lawbreaker André Bauer, leading the wolf pack??? The brazenness of it is just astonishing.
It has to be that the RAPE-ublicans are being BRIBED — such unanimity doesn’t just happen. They forget the main point so easily, i.e. that your unfortunate moral lapses aside, you are the shining light of real-world politics this side of Texas. I am a moral absolutist with the best of them, but can’t go along with the illogic and unreality of the case against you.
I have been meaning to write you an open letter in the form of a booklet listing all the good things you have done for the state, the nation and in turn the world, but it’s too daunting a task. Firstly you refused to listen to the NAACP about the Flag (please NOT, Sir — ever). I don’t even perceive that you are a strong Flag or Confederate partisan, but your common-sense attitude toward the South-haters is breathtaking. THANK YOU FOR IT!
Secondly — just covering the highlights, now — you did right on Real ID. I’ve been heavily involved in both the above battles, and still can’t somehow believe that you have slammed the door in trouble’s face on them!
Thirdly, you have stood your ground as a fiscal conservative or shall we say lower-case libertarian (high praise in my book). Most fiscal conservatives are only fiscal conservatives — hopeless on other issues. Not you!
It’s almost 3 AM — I’ve had a hectic week and day — but had to tell you that WE, THE PEOPLE have not forgotten your ongoing great political work. We never will. We deplore the machinations to remove you, which are of course significantly aimed at clearing the runway for further betrayal re the C-flag. And we who love truth and justice beg you and urge you: please do NOT listen to any calls that you resign. Please don’t do so on your own initiative. You’ve disappointed many — no doubt yourself included — and lost your incomparable dignity as the cameras rolled. But SO WHAT in the context of this foul political age? We’re supposed to fire you and deify the late, despicable Teddy Kennedy?
What IS this?
Please, Sir, STAND FIRM. On your job, on the C-Flag, on everything about your return to Christian morals. My prayer is that all concerned — not least the people of South Carolina — will witness how a true Christian overcomes sin and will all be edified.
Nelson Waller, M.Mus.
Associate of Dr. William Carter